Podcast 22 – Affirmations

Affirmations, which have been proven to be in alignment with the Universe are powerful ways to manifest your intentions, and reprogram your subconscious mind.  Over 60 years ago, Catherine Ponder, a Unity minister in Birmingham, Alabama, created affirmations that are still as powerful today as they were back then.  They made a huge difference in my life, and in this Podcast, I want to share them with you.  Powerful, energy-bending affirmations that can shift your life into Prosperity!

Podcast 21 – The Year in the RV

This certainly isn’t for everyone!  But what began as a whim turned out to be one of the best things I ever did for re-creating my life.  Here’s the story – warts and all.  The Year in the RV and how it helped change my subconscious programming – forever!

Podcast 20 – Tools of the Subconscious Trade

It takes a lot of guts to look at your life and decide you need to make changes.  This is a bold, brave move, should you be considering doing so.  Most people are content to live their lives on a daily grind – the treadmill analogy – without ever stopping long enough to do a deep-dive and see if something needs to change.

If you have done so, I salute you.  In this Podcast, we are going to look at some tools that were a big part of my own process of making radical changes to the programming of my subconscious mind that have resulted in a dynamic, powerful life.  Wherever you are now, have hope that you can create a life you love.

It takes time.  It’s not a drive-through solution.  But you can do it.  In this podcast are some tools to help you along the way.



Podcast 19 – Beliefs

This podcast might ruffle your feathers a bit!  Let it.  Much of what your life looks like today is because of the beliefs you have developed over the years.  Because the beliefs we hold generally are derived either from our own observation and experience, or taught to us by those we either reviere or respect greatly, we hold them tightly.  Beliefs we would die for are our core values.  These are our most deeply held beliefs.

Good things that appear in our life come as the result of our beliefs.  Resentment, hate, negativity, job loss, divorce, etc. also come from beliefs.

Let’s examine what we believe and why.  Hopefully, you’ll see that many of your beliefs can (and should) be challenged, and as you look at what you believe from a fresh perspective, you can eliminate beliefs that don’t serve you and adopt those that will move you in the direction you want your life to go.  You just have to be willing to examine, release, and change those things you have held dear.

If you change a belief because of this podcast, please email me and tell me about it.  thomas@subconsciousmindmastery.com