Podcast 37 – Resolving your Past

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This is a Special Edition, one that can only roll around once a year, the Birthday Edition Podcast, and what a better time to talk about your past life than when you celebrate the beginning of this one.  This being my birthday and all, I thought I’d bring you Part 2 of Anu Shi Asta’s interview we recorded a couple weeks ago.

In this podcast, we’re talking about Past Lives.  Forgiveness.  Resolution of past issues.  Setting the stage for the future.  Anu has done a substantial amount of training and work in this area, and is even available for Past Life Regression sessions.  We even talk about Atlantis.  Ever heard of it?  You will!

If you’d like to connect with Anu, her website is www.anushiasta.com and she does readings at 12listen.com, but you can see the full scope of services on this link as well.

Please enjoy my birthday present to YOU!


The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Podcast 36 – Job Growth

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The Universe is alive and well and most certainly the Law of Attraction is always “On”!  I received some very timely and appreciated emails from some of you this week that were timely, encouraging, and exactly along the same line of where I have been recently.  Like attracting Like, for certain.  There was a common theme of all these emails, and it involves job situations.  Change.  Uncertainty.  Or, clarity that we are to leave our employment and pursue something greater.

In the near future, I am going to introduce you to Arman Assadi whose website is www.whyIleftgoogle.com

He will join us in a future podcast and tell his compelling story.  And he is just as certain that he was called to leave his job (yes, at THE Google) as you or I might feel called to stay put for a while.

So in this Podcast, we go back to the roots – how do we program the Subconscious mind, because wherever you find yourself in your job situation, one thing is certain:  You create your reality, and you can create a new reality.  Let’s explore.


The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Podcast 35 – Uncertainty

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If you were to pick a time in history to be alive and in the prime of life, I would certainly pick this time.  With the incredible advances in technology, so much more is possible now than any other period in the human experience.  Yet, in spite of these incredible opportunities, there is seemingly an off-setting air of change.  Things move faster these days.  Look around, and you see change everywhere.  That leaves us, often, with a greater uncertainty about the future than we may have experienced in previous decades.

Tony Robbins has long taught that we have 6 basic human needs, and one of them is Certainty.  Ironically, the second of his six is that we need uncertainty.  As in, variety.  But sometimes uncertainty leads to worry, doubt, fear.  It can throw us off our game, and take our eye off our goal.  Dealing with Uncertainty.  Here are several points that will help.


The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Podcast 34 – Angels & Manifesting with Anu Shi Asta

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Please meet Anu Shi Asta.  She is a radio show host, advisor, author, writer, speaker, and helps people meet and work with their Angels.  In her spare time (lol), she donates a few minutes of a Sunday afternoon to join us here on Subconscious Mind Mastery!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Anu today and we talked about Angels, how they  impact our journey, how they can help us manifest our heart’s desires, and how they add a multi-dimensional component when we invite them into our lives.

The topic of Angles may be quite familiar to you, or something totally new in your quest.  This podcast will certainly open you to a new perspective of an unseen, but very real, beautiful and available world, if we just ask.

Resources mentioned in Podcast:

For Anu Shi Asta’s website:  Click Here

Heaven on Earth Radio show on 12Radio.com:  Click Here

Radio show I called in also with Guided Meditation to meet your Guardian Angel: Click Here

Anu Shi Asta’s Readings on 12Listen.com:  Click Here

Angel Light Practitioner Certification Course Info:  Click Here



The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Podcast 33 – September 2013

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WOW!  Where did September go?  Yes, we’ve been on a little hiatus while Life and the Universe had their own plans and agendas.  Sometimes, it’s good to take a break to go deeper, and this is a recount of all that happened in September, 2013.

In the Podcast, I mentioned my reading list for this month.
These are all in my Amazon Store, so Click Here for a direct link

Dan Millman
The Life You Were Born to Live
Peaceful Warrior

Darren Weissman
Heart of the Matter
Awakening to the Secret Code of your Mind
The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

Michael Samuels
The Universe-ity:  A Spiritual Education Using the Law of Attraction
Just Ask the Universe:  A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting your Dreams

Fred Dodson
Parallel Universes of Self
The Reality Creation Technique
The Reality Creation Technique Audiobook (Link to Audible)



Master the Power of Your Subconscious Mind