Podcast 61 – 2 Ways To Eliminate Resistance

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When we set intentions, often the Universe will test us around that area.  And when the test comes, often our subconscious mind, trained to protect us, will throw up resistances – often out of the good intention to keep us safe. But that resistance can keep us from experiencing the very blessing of our intention.  In that way, resistance is not protection at all, and is exactly where we have to release the resistance, then re-program our subconscious mind to lay down the resistance and accept the good that is coming into our life.  This is transformation at its core.

I reviewed two good old classic systems recently that are both effective in helping to release.

The first is called the Sedona Method, developed from the work and teachings of Lester Levenson.  It asks four basic questions.  A good resource to read up on it more is here:

Another excellent system to help you identify things within yourself that you may be projecting to others is called “The Work” by Byron Katie.  Her website is a treasure trove of free information that will guide you through the process.

And, in this Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast #61, we talk both methods, along with some tips and ways you can apply them to your life.

Enjoy the Journey


Podcast 60 – 5 Steps To Change Subconscious Mind Programming

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There are deep-rooted programs in our subconscious mind – from our childhood, our upbringing, parents, culture around us as we were growing up, etc.  Those that are more emotional and intense form deep emotional “roots” and our subconscious mind develops various flight or fight ways to overcome them.

In this podcast, we’re going to talk about how to reprogram those deep emotional subconscious patterns.  I’ll take you through 5 steps that will help you literally change the operating system, and the way you responded, to these triggers that formerly would fire-off when you found yourself confronted with a particular situation.

If you would like the notes, feel free to copy/paste them from here.

STEP 1 – Clarity
Get out your journal and write as specifically as you can word it – what the issue is

STEP 2 – Add Emotion

  • What we’ve done so far is in your conscious mind. It’s a game plan.
  • Now, we have to add emotion, because the negative programming is CHALK FULL of negative emotion.
  • You have to re-condition your emotional aspect and this is the hardest part of the assignment
  • You could do affirmations and that would be fine for the conscious mind, but let’s go deeper than that

STEP 3 – Clearly define a different response next time it comes up.
Make it empowering – using the trigger for how you would like to respond next time

Step 3-A – Repeat listing the emotions as before

STEP 4 – Re-programming the subconscious mind

#1 – Go into a meditative state – Alpha or Theta (Use one of Kelly Howell’s audio’s from BrainSync.com if you prefer)

#2 – Neutralize the old emotion

  • Go back and listen to #57 where Fred did the guided meditation with me and how he masterfully neutralized the negative side of running out of money.
  • Do that same process here. Magnify the negative
  • Be careful here – especially if it is a deep scar, particularly abuse. You may need professional help with this, depending on where you are
  • Magnify it and make it so crazy silly that you get yourself to laughing
  • You can dress the other people up in costumes – like clowns. Make it a cartoon. Foghorn Leghorn or Daffy Duck

#3 – Visualize what it would look like for you to emit (whatever it is) -pure love – from your being

  • Become totally absorbed with that feeling
  • Magnify it huge in your mind-movie
  • Recall a time in your life when that emotion was at its very highest peak
  • Then magnify it even more
  • Feel the emotion of what that feels like
  • You should be really smiling and feel very warm at this point – if not, then keep working on it until you do. You MUST shift your emotion

STEP 5 – Anticipate the next situation

  • Journal when it could possibly occur – expand the details around that
  • You are creating preparedness – you’ll be ready
  • Then go back into meditation and see yourself responding with love, diffusing the situation and everyone is happy and loving
  • See your situation in a positive light. Visualize it happening in precise detail.


Repeat this every day for at least 30 days if you want to really reprogram something

There is no drive-through for this

If you’re really, really serious:  30 Days MINIMUM


Last Point: Be ready & alert. The Universe will be happy to present you with a situation to test this!

…..Enjoy the Journey 🙂



Podcast 59 – Talk To Your Subconscious Mind

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Did you know you can talk to your subconscious Mind – literally carry a dialogue with it?  Most people don’t even know this is possible, or even think about doing it, but when your conscious and subconscious mind are aligned and in agreement, and when you FEEL positive emotions about what you’re doing, amazing things can happen.  That’s when mountains begin to move.

In this podcast, I’m going to show you how I re-named my subconscious mind – actually IT renamed itself, and then we’re going to do a mock-demonstration about talking to your subconscious mind about manifesting a new car.

This is very much a how-to demonstration of something that has become a very powerful tool in my personal subconscious mind toolbox.

Podcast 58 – Connecting With Your Subconscious Mind

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Did you stop to think it’s possible to actually connect with your subconscious mind? Often we operate only from our conscious (logical, thinking, rational) self while there’s a whole other dimension to our being that is actually bigger and more powerful than our conscious mind.  It’s obviously our subconscious, and it is about 3x more powerful than our conscious mind.  That means, if you try to use your brute willpower without the support of your subconscious mind, you likely won’t get anywhere.  But when you combine your will (conscious) with the power (subconscious), then you have will-power.

This is taken from Harry Carpenter’s book “The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind and How To Use It”.  We’re going to talk about his book in the context of ways you can literally begin to communicate with your subconscious mind.  Then, in Podcast 59, we’re going to go through a session showing you what it might sound like to communicate directly with your subconscious.

Podcast 57 – Coaching Call w/ Fred Dodson

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Subconscious Mind Mastery – Coaching Call with Fred Dodson


This is an amazing podcast.  This is like listening in on a coaching call with the Master of Reality Creation, Fred Dodson.  When I set up the interview to talk with Fred about The Communication Course, our latest co-venture project where I recorded his audiobook, Fred said I could talk about anything.  So, I took him up on it and after a yoga meditation, the Universe put on my mind what to ask.  Specifically, about how to break through fear of expanding this work, especially not being financially successful enough to sustain my lifestyle.

Fred takes me through a guided meditation, which shifted multiple aspects of the thinking for me instantly.  This is an un-edited replay of the session – just as I heard it.  You could use the structure for whatever issue you would like to work on, or for even better and faster results, contact Fred for a Skype session at his reality creation website and schedule a session for yourself.

This is a true gem, so enjoy the journey!

Podcast 56 – Communication Course w/ Fred Dodson

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Fred Dodson is back!  This time we’re talking about his newest book, The Communication Course. I had the privilege of narrating it as an audiobook for Audible.com.  Click the link to go directly to Audible to buy the book.  In this podcast, we highlight several key sections from the book, including how communication is really a transfer of energy between two people, authenticity in communication, dealing with fear and we even talk about public speaking.

You will learn a lot from the podcast, and hopefully you will pick up the audio and a copy of the book as well.

Podcast 55 – Super Bowl 49 & Life Lessons

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I couldn’t help recording a new podcast after last night’s Super Bowl 49.  Sports is often a great venue to learn some valuable life lessons and this game may have been one of the best ever, not only as a Super Bowl Championship, but also as a place to grab a few take-aways of how we can make our lives better.  While the subconscious mind programming that we talk about is certainly part of the process, for now, let’s just reminisce this great game  and think about what we need to do when we make  a “bad call”.