Podcast 65 – 2-Yr. Anniversary Podcast

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It’s been 2 years of these podcasts now and what an amazing two years it has been.  In 2013, the last Sunday in March was Easter Sunday, and out of an intuitive prompt, I felt the desire to start a podcast.  Had no idea where it would go, but the one area I did understand that helped me turn my life around at a late age was to come to grips with the programming of my past and see the direct correlations of how it affected my life.

This understanding of our subconscious mind and how it affects our beliefs, actions and outcomes had the most powerful impact on me personally, so I decided to share it with you.

And in this podcast, we catch up with some old friends like Fred Dodson, Joan Harrison, Stuart Couch, Dr. David Slater and Arman Assadi.  Then, we turn our sites on today’s most important lesson and that is intuition.  When we live from the inside instead of being controlled by our outside environment, that’s when life really starts to take off.

Thank you for making Subconscious Mind Mastery successful these past two years and at the end of the podcast, we talk about some things you can expect in 2015.

Enjoy The Journey,
Thomas Miller

Podcast 64 – Conscious Living

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It dawns on me that many people don’t live consciously.  In fact, in retrospect, I realized I spent most of my life living unconsciously.  Not that I didn’t have my own successful television business, got married, had kids, bought and sold houses, etc., but it was mostly done from an unconscious perspective of reaction and response.

We are creators by nature, and I was never aware of that until I started learning a new way of life.  Not only can we create and align ourselves with what we want vibrationally, but our subconscious mind and our higher self are always there to help lead and guide us to our highest and best purpose.

In this podcast, I’ll tell you several ways I use to help dial into your intuition through various forms of muscle testing.

So if you feel like you’re bouncing around life like a ping-pong ball and not guiding and directing your life purposefully, this podcast will encourage you to live by Intention – Intuition and letting Resistance go (IRR for 2015).


Enjoy The Journey,
Thomas Miller

Podcast 63 – Dream Interpretation

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Dreams are a vital way our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind.  Yet, we often just think dreams are silly vignettes that have little or no meaning.

It has been estimated that by age 60, you will have slept 175,200 hours, dreamed for 87,000 of those hours, and had a total of 197,100 dreams.

There are several types of dreams we discuss in the podcast –

  • Daydreams – awake, but still subconscious communication
  • Lucid Dreams – where you direct and control the dream
  • Recurring Dreams – subconscious mind graciously trying to get your attention
  • Nightmares – often subconscious with a warning
  • Prophetic Dreams – More urgent warning – something about to happen

Many people don’t remember their dreams.  Here are a couple suggestions to help you remember dreams:

  1. Spend 2-3 minutes before bed meditating and invite your conscious and subconscious mind to help you remember tonight’s dreams.
  2. Set an intention to remember
  3. Keep your journal and a pen at bedside so you can capture the details of the dream quickly after you wake up.  If you don’t capture it right then, you’ll forget it.

How do can we remember dreams?  Several suggestions we discuss in the podcast, including –

  1. Think of any other characters in the dream as you.
  2. Give the dream a headline, like a sensationalized newspaper story
  3. Revisit the dream when you’re awake and try to interact with the characters
  4. Reconstruct the dream as a mini-novel with these parts
    1. Introduction
    2. Plot
    3. Conclusion

This is a very informative podcast and will help you become conscious and aware of how you can glean more meaning from your dreams.  This will be an excellent way to help you connect the conscious and subconscious minds more effectively.

Sweet Dreams & Enjoy the journey,
Thomas Miller

Podcast 62 – Digging Out Resistance

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This is a process you can use to really take your life to a higher level.  This involves probing both your conscious and subconscious mind to find pockets of resistance – areas where you are holding your self back from receiving the things you want into your life.

This parlays Podcast 57, so if you haven’t listened to that yet, you probably should because this will make much more sense to you.

The main steps of this process are:

  1. Get into a meditative state, and best if you will set an intention before-hand that you intend to identify and clear any resistance that may be holding you back.
  2. Pick the area of your life you want to work on – it could be money, relationship, career, health, where you live, etc.  We use money in this example, but pick yours in advance.
  3. Empty – or “lose” – everything in that area of your life.  Completely lose everything so you’re down to absolutely nothing in that area.  Probe your conscious and subconscious mind for what resistance comes up.  Where are you uneasy?
  4. Negotiate with your subconscious, a mutually agreeable solution.
  5. Now, experience lavish abundance in every area where you just imagined loss.  Make it over the top lavish.  You are ABUNDANTLY blessed to the point where, again, resistance forms.  This is indicating the cap, or the lid, on how much abundance your subconscious mind will allow.
  6. Shift your subconscious programming by coming up with a way you can feel good about that much abundance, plus more.

This will help by not only clearing pockets of old resistance, but it will open you up to new and unlimited resources when your subconscious believes and truly enjoys the idea that anything is indeed possible for you.

Enjoy The Journey,
Thomas Miller

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Enjoy the Journey,