Podcast 75 – How To Have A Weight WIN!

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Meet Leslie Thornton, a Subconsciousmindmastery.com podcast listener who has fully immersed herself in all aspects of how the subconscious mind affects our lives.  She is now a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and certified life coach working with clients from her home in Albany, New York.

Today we’re going to discuss the subconscious elements of winning with your weight!  Hear Leslie’s story about how food and eating were part of her early life and affected her subconscious programming.  Then, hear what she did to work through it and the results will surprise you!  She made a dramatic and complete change such that things that controlled her five years ago are gone today.  On top of that, she is now able to effectively manage not only her weight, but her mindset toward food.

With weight being such as prominent part of our culture today, what we talk about here is critical to anyone wanting to have power over their physiology.  If you don’t change your mindset first, no diet program will be effective.  Change your mindset, and you will be able to design your perfect body and step into it.

Enjoy Leslie Thornton!

Podcast 74 – RV-II, The Sequel

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Do you remember Podcast 21 about the year I spent in 2009 living and some traveling in an RV, and the multitude of lessons learned?  That was the shifting point for me of when my life really pivoted from the negative patterns of the past to the truly incredible journey of today.  It was where I learned about programming the subconscious mind and how our subconscious mind works.

Well, it’s time again.  I’m back in the market for a motorcoach to live and travel the United States, pursing a dream I’ve had probably since I was a kid.  This came to me on the Mt. Shasta trip and it leapt off the page when I heard the words that I should buy and RV and travel.

It’s time.

So the journey began a few days ago and already there are some incredible manifesting principals we can glean from my story that hopefully you can adapt and adopt in yours.  So here’s what’s been going on since I was definitely prompted to pursue RV-II.

Enjoy the journey,

Podcast 73 – High Energy from Mt. Shasta

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IMG_3834 IMG_3918 IMG_3868 IMG_3881 IMG_3919 IMG_3871 IMG_3898 IMG_3917 IMG_3914The remote microphone is in Northern California this time at the incomparable Mt. Shasta, one of the highest energy places on the planet.  Mt. Shasta has for centuries been revered as a holy mountain, an energy vortex, a place of healing and of magic.  There is no better place to talk about energy that here.  Everything in our world is energy, revolves around energy, and is comprised of energy.  Yet, too often, we don’t stop to consider how these frequencies affect our lives.

Fred Dodson wrote a book on the topic, appropriately titled “Levels of Energy” and in it he outlines the levels of human energy on a scale of 0 to 1,000.  From this scale, we’re able to see exactly what energies affect us, both positively and negatively.

In this podcast, we explore the energy of human consciousness, with 4 takeaways at the end you can do to begin making energy work the focus of your spiritual path.

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas Miller