Podcast 85 – Video – Vail Tennis Courts

My life changed here one summer many years ago. This is where my subconscious mind was instantly programmed by a comment I didn’t think mattered at the time, but it altered my life. We talk about it in this video, and discuss just how easily our subconscious mind can be programmed, and through choice, how we can change that programming. No doubt, probably in your past you may have a a”tennis court” of your own.

Podcast 84 – Video from Colorado on FEAR

Fear is a very low level of energy, yet at some point in all our lives, we deal with it. Fear, in my opinion, is often programmed in our subconscious minds when we are young. We may experience a horrific event as a child, or we may be in an environment of fear in our home, school or other environment. Our young minds are vulnerable to strong emotions like fear and we can magnetize and imprint these emotions permanently in our subconscious mind. This video explores this programming and announces a new book I’m publishing in 2016 to show how to reprogram fear in our subconscious mind.

Podcast 83 – Video on Energy from Colorado

One of the most foundational principals of living an empowered life is learning that everything in the Universe operates on energy. Einstein made this popular, but sages through the ages have known and practiced this baseline principal. My life changed when I read “Levels of Energy” by Fred Dodson. This video is a brief look at how to get quiet (I’m beside a creek in Colorado) to be able to listen to Energy around you.

Podcast 82 – Intuition Training with Fred Dodson

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The audiobook “Intuition Training” which I narrated, written by author and speaker Fred Dodson is now available on Audible (Amazon) and iTunes! This is a super-powerful book that is stuffed with great material on how you can develop, hone and perfect your own intuition. Every time I do a new book with Fred, there are several bars that get raised in my own life, and this is possible for YOU too!

Fred Dodson and I talk about the book, and some ways you can step right into an intuition lifestyle for yourself.

Enjoy the Journey,