Podcast 92 – “Assumptions”

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There’s a video that’s worth watching and is a basis for this podcast where we talk about doing the work, addressing fear (www.fearbustersbook.com) and a new word introduced in the podcast – “Assumptions.”

Find out what assumptions are in context of manifesting miracles in our lives and reprogramming our subconscious mind!


Podcast 91 – “FEAR Busters” Author Interview with….Myself!

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My FIRST BOOK – “Fear Busters” is out on Amazon, with an audiobook and paperback soon to follow! I’m so excited about this – it was a big week getting everything pulled together, submitted and released!

There is a FREE audio meditation that goes with the book that you can pick up from the website which is fearbustersbook.com. You can also pick up a PDF e-book if you don’t have an e-reader like Kindle.

The whole story is on the podcast, so as always….

Enjoy the Journey!


Podcast 90 – “Blink!”

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We’re updating our Sedona trip – looking for one female traveling solo who would like to team up with an amazing roommate from Canada for a few days, a person who is highly intuitive and would be a true joy to be around. We’re also taking wait list reservations and may have a few more slots open up – so visit www.sedona2016.com and you can contact me there.

Well, the shift happened. My life changed this week, and this is an amazing story of how not only the subconscious mind plays a role, but how I’m training my “BLINK” muscle more and more every day. This is a podcast I’m confident you’ll relate to in some area of your life.

Enjoy the Journey,