Podcast 124 – What Is Holding You Back?

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In the midst of the amazing energy surrounding the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, a quote came clearly to me as I observed those watching the eclipse with me. Think about this – “The greatest hindrance to the life you want to live is the one you’re living now.” In other words, the old subconscious programs (paradigms) that are running your life may even not be know consciously, but are operating under the surface to hold you back.

We examine the reality of these subtle programs deep inside the subconscious mind and bring them to light. Something for you to think about – Is the greatest hindrance to the life you want to live, the one you’re living now?

Enjoy the Journey,

Solar Eclipse 2017 – What You Should Know

The solar eclipse of Monday, August 21, 2017 is something that hasn’t happened since 1979. Then, only a small portion of the northeastern United States was able to see it. Now, millions of Americans (and many visitors) will see the eclipse first-hand. Hotels and motels along the path are booked solid….at ridiculously inflated prices! People are obviously taking this seriously.

I recorded a special podcast to address the energy around the solar eclipse. That is found here.

Also, I found these two articles that might be helpful:

Intuitive Astrology: Total Solar Eclipse August 2017

Astrology Zone: All About Eclipses

Special Solar Eclipse Podcast

This is a special podcast about the upcoming solar eclipse in the US mid-morning. The energy is certainly present everywhere around the world, so by all means, come play with this fantastic energy!

I mentioned 2 articles in the podcast – here they are:



Enjoy the eclipse AND the journey!

Podcast 123 – an “Intentional” Bear Story!

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This is a backwash of the Eureka Springs trip – still in that amazing energy – and several things “clicked” in the week after the trip. One, I found a really cool drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress, so I’ve been able to really take-off with web design in a way I’ve not been able to ever!

Answer to intention/prayer #1.

Then, on a long walk dealing with some pent-up business that just needed some time in the woods to work through, I asked for a sign…specifically that a bear cross my path on this hike.

You’ll have to listen to hear answer #2!

The verse I mention in the podcast is Proverbs 3:5-6 from the Old Testament. Here it is again, with my notes:

Trust in the All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Present-Everywere, All-Loving Infinite Energy that created the worlds we see and can’t see says to “trust in me with all your heart.” i.e. – the very essence of your life/being. TRUST! And do not lean on your own understanding (the conscious mind and it’s 70,000 thoughts per day. Don’t rely on it! “In all your ways…” i.e. – everything you do. EVERYTHING. “Acknowledge this amazing, powerful energy, and it will direct your paths.”

When we do, you will be guided right along the path that YOU are supposed to live….and on that path you really can…

Enjoy The Journey!

It’s a Wrap!

After a heavy push for several days, the latest Fred Dodson Audiobook is wrapped. The title is “Being Higher Self” and it is LOADED with incredible information, much of it not in previous books. I can’t remember what the total time was, but it’s well over 10 hours and took a long time to record.

Audible should have it out by the end of August. The next one going into production, after a few days rest-break, is “Realms of Consciousness: Levels of Energy Book 3.” I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

A Bear Story!


Have you ever asked for a sign? Every gotten what you asked for?

This was quite an afternoon. First, it’s fall in the mountains and I went for a walk on a trail that goes through Aspen along the Roaring Fork river. It’s a beautiful setting but this time of year being bear season, there were signs a big boy had been in the neighborhood. (poo on the trail!)

On this particular afternoon, I had some subconscious stuff to work through that was pent-up and built-up, so I did what I normally do at times like this and hit the trail. As I was walking, and listening to that subconscious inside voice that is so still and quiet, yet so powerful, I heard instructions to do a certain clearing process that I now have incorporated into the coaching program.

After going through the first step in the process, I realized what I was dealing with related to my mom, and it was a very dark, sticky energy that needed big-guns to clear. I called on Archangel Michael (and I believe Raphael showed up too!), I asked for Ascended Masters who were willing, and felt Divine presence of two, and Aragon, my Guardian Angel was there. I could feel each one’s presence in a unique way. I was pretty blown away, to be honest.

As I walked a few more steps, the idea to put a test out there came to mind. First, I asked for the general….”please show me some kind of sign by the end of the day.” Those NEVER work out well. The Universe wants specifics. So, I polished it up a bit. “Please show me a sign that this is real, and please make it a bear crossing my path harmlessly.”

Then, I continued with the subconscious clearing – knew that the issue was identified, cleared and replaced – and was heading back toward home with a state of ecstasy that was not normal, even on the best of hikes. It was as though a burden had been lifted. A darkness removed. Lightness replaced it.

Then, perhaps no more than 10-15 minutes later, sure enough as I was on a little side-trail right by the river, a bear popped out from behind the bushes to my left and about 20 yards ahead, stood in the path for a very brief second, then disappeared into the trees to the right.

You don’t think I was BLOWN AWAY. Should I have been, or should I have expected it. Those doubts will just have to go. Absolutely, I expected it. It wasn’t my first bear siting this season, but it certainly was the first one I specifically requested from my A-team of Archangels, Ascended Masters and my faithful Aragon.

And by the way, I’ve been on at least a half dozen hikes into the woods since then….no bears!



Podcast 122 – Eureka Springs Road Trip, Part 2

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This is a continuation of Podcast 121 with the concluding story and summary of lessons from a road trip with a listener and coaching student to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you haven’t heard Podcast 121, go back and listen first.

This trip was full of “surprises from the Universe,” and was a prototype of how setting intentions and manifesting works.

Enjoy the Journey,


Podcast 121 – Road-Trip Report From Eureka Springs!

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This road trip broke the mold! This was purely an intuitive journey that originated from my first coaching student. On this trip, she got to see first-hand, the process of setting intentions, releasing and letting the Universe show up! This was an early-August trip to the Ozarks to one of my favorite places, Eureka Springs. But neither I, nor my coaching student – turned traveling friend – ever imagine what would unfold. It was divine. Magical. Mystical and a perfect illustration of how the process of manifesting works.

Come listen to some of the trip details and hopefully in communicating them, you get some of the same lessons and take-aways we did.

Enjoy The Journey,