Podcast 147 – When Energy Shifts & Not For The Good

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Have you had those times in your life when you’re just going along and all of a sudden, the wheels just come off the bus? You get a call or a text and it just changes everything. Or an accident or something else “bad” happens.

Your energy was great, things were going well, then BAM. Everything changes.

What’s up with that? Why do things jump out of the closet like that? Why does energy just shift randomly and “out of the blue?”

We’re going to explore that in this podcast, including a trick I learned from Fred Dodson on how to shift energy – the 5-to-1 technique.

This podcast is loaded with good, practical information you can apply any time your energy shifts.

Enjoy the Journey,

Podcast 146 – Minimalism and Weight Loss with Mark La Licata

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We’re talking about the minimalistic lifestyle with my friend Mark La Licata, who was part of the Parallel Universes of Self Fred Dodson seminar we both attended in Hawaii in 2017.

Mark has been practicing minimalism for about 20 years, and coaches the US Military on being minimalistic. In this episode, we discuss Mark’s definition and application of minimalism. Also, he has applied this concept to weight loss, with significant results. He even helped Fred Dodson lose weight following the seminar.

If you’d like Mark’s contact info –
On Linked In – Mark La Licata

By email – lean.lifestylecoach@yahoo.com

Podcast 145 – Take Evaluation of Your Growth

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Personal growth.
Spiritual growth.

Where are you on your journey? Are you in a “growth spurt?”
Or are you in a pause mode, taking a bit of a break to absorb and enjoy the growth you have undertaken in the past?

All are good, but a few days ago I was challenged to crank it up a LOT!
Honestly, I’ve been back on my heels of late, resting on the laurels, if you will.

This challenge had me realize there are so many areas where we can grow. I’m going to return to that child-like hunger that provided for so much growth in my life 10 years ago and learn things that will take me to new levels of growth.

Will you join me?

Enjoy the Journey,