Podcast 154 – What Might Happen After Death?

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What happens after we die may be one of the most asked-about questions in many circles today. Volumes have been written about it, and yet, at the end of the day – nobody on earth really knows. However, we have a multitude of synchronous stories and insights from those who have incredible perception beyond the physical. There are spiritual and religious writings that give us glimpses into the other side.

Majona has extensive experience with the other side and I’ve seen it personally with a friend who passed from a sudden trauma. She shares her thoughts, experiences and opinions on what happens after we – or our loved ones – leaves the physical realm.

This will be an interesting podcast, especially if you have been interested in what might happen after our transition, or if you have recently lost a loved one.

Here are some resources that can shed further light on this, if you are interested in digging deeper:

Here’s my interview on the “We Don’t Die” Podcast with Sandra Champlain

“Lives of the Soul” Audiobook by Fred Dodson/Thomas Miller

Must read/listen: “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani – Story of her NDE

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Podcast 153 – How You Can Regain Power In Areas of Your Life

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Do you ever feel like there are areas of your life that you just can’t get on top of? Same issues keep coming up over and over? Someone or somewhere always seem to bring you down? We all have areas of our life where we are losing power (or energy). This is a 3-part process I learned from Amir Zoghi where you can identify where you are losing power, and how you can get it back.

This is material that you haven’t likely heard in this way before…and it can change your life!

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Thomas & Majona

Podcast 152 – Synchronicities and Pain

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Not to give this away here, but there’s some news to share…we just got back from a surgeon’s office. This is a little talk about synchronicities, pain, and how you adjust to what life throws at you. There are some valuable lessons that come from challenging times, and this podcast talks about how we can handle life’s curve balls.

Podcast 151 – Atlantis, The Garden of Eden and Fred Dodson

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We’re talking to author and speaker Fred Dodson on this episode to learn many things you would never have thought existed regarding our origin, including what may have happened to Atlantis, Lemuria and other ancient civilizations.

There is a preponderance of evidence from different cultures around the world that many of the “origin stories” we may have been told in our youth need to be re-examined in light of very different archeological discoveries. Fred Dodson has amassed thousands of pages of information, traveled around the world multiple times exploring this first-hand, and has produced two new audiobooks assembling what he discovered.

This amazing evidence may shatter old belief systems, give you ample evidence that will help you re-formulate new belief systems, and help show you just how big and wonderful our Source Energy that created us really is.

Both books are available on iTunes and Audible –

“Atlantis and the Garden of Eden”
“Ancient Aliens of Atlantis”


Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona