Podcast 165 – MindFlavors® MindPower Acceleration Technology


Carl Hunter, “Mr.MindFlavors®” is back with us to talk about the program he developed along with his partner Amy and recently launched to the public.

MindFlavors® is a multi-sensory program consisting of two 4.5 minute videos that you watch in the morning and evening, combined with the inVigor8™ energetic cleanse, combined with Carl’s writing program which he discussed in Podcast 163 and is specifically implemented into the MindFlavors® system.

This program focuses on money. Specifically, sales. But as Carl says in the program, we’re all selling something, all the time, so this works for everyone.

It has also had a number of “off-label” effects, including clarity, openness, new ideas for businesses, etc.

This program is based on Sacred Geometry. If you don’t know much about it, it is the mathematical representation of the energy of the creation of the universe. Carl found that viewing Sacred Geometric images has a neural pathway programming effect on our brains! So this program, whatever it is you’re interested in achieving, will help you re-program your subconscious quicker through these geometric images. I can personally attest, it works!

If you’re interested in knowing more, go to ezmindreprogramming.com and you will see a video of me talking to Carl & Amy after I saw it for the first time. It’s really cool. Then, if you’re interested, set up a meeting with Carl and Amy and they will explain everything and show you the MindFlavors® video.

Also, you can link to the video from the homepage of the website here.

Here’s to reprogramming faster & better!

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas & Majona

Podcast 164 – Saturn Return – How It Affects Our Life


This is a listener-triggered podcast that has had me thinking for a few days. This guy is 29, and when I heard that…combined with what he’s going through…I was reminded of something I’ve been wanting to talk about anyway, so this seemed like a perfect time to do it. The topic is called the “Saturn Return.” It’s a little astrology lesson of something that happens when we are 29 and about 59 (and around 88 if you are so fortunate!). There is an energy that occurs in our life when Saturn makes a full lap around our astrological chart.

We’re not going to get bogged down in the semantics, but everyone listening is either A) approaching your first Saturn Return, B) in-between your first and second, or C) after your second and heading toward your third! With that in mind, we talk about what this means in your life, and how best to deal with it.

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona