Special Podcast – A quick look at the planets!

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There are some interesting alignments in the sky right now that I thought would be worth a quick overview so you can ride the energy waves to higher consciousness and take advantage of one really good alignment while making sure you are on the right side of a more (potentially) challenging one.

Here is a summary:
Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius until early December, although will be retrograde April 11 – Aug 10. This is a great time to “mash the gas” on any kind of new project, relationship, job change, or even relocation. Positive energy is on your side!

Saturn is at home in Capricorn and is moving toward a very anticipated “conjunction” with Pluto. Astrologers are watching this one closely because of several reasons. As we mention, this is a year to make sure you are alighted with your life purpose, that you are riding in the middle of the Stream of Life and that you are not resisting what the Universe is asking you to be willing to change in order to be on your path. That is what the alignment is about, and if you are in harmony with it, journaling, pliable and willing, you’ll be fine. If you buck against it, are “unconscious” or otherwise out of alignment, this one could be tough.

Two other quick ones – Mars just crossed over Uranus. Have you had any unexpected changes just show up? Maybe not, but Mars (power) and Uranus (change for the sake of change) are sitting on top of each other.

Also, Mercury just passed Neptune. So anything around communication, learning, education and even travel combined with everything Neptune – spirituality, intuition, the realm beyond, dreaminess, water and emotions could all be affected. I’m writing a book, Majona and I are working on a new seminar series.

Lean into that energy if your heart is leading you in any of those directions. The force is with you!

Enjoy the Journey,

Podcast 171 – Intuition: Still and Small

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Intuition has become the #1 topic in coaching, conversation and listeners asking about, so in this episode, Majona is back to talk about a couple ways we can better tune into that still, small voice called Intuition.

Intuition is our connection to Divine Source. It is our “true self.” It is that part of us that can “see around the corner.” It is what helps know the right thing to do in times of crisis. It helps lead and guide us along the way and in-between.

Fred Dodson, no stranger to the Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast, has written a new book called “The Intuitive Awareness Method,” and the audiobook is not out as of the day of this writing, but will be any day. Fred mentions that following intuition has become his go-to method for connecting to higher Source.

So let’s get intuitive. If you have a difficult time either hearing, or following, intuition, this podcast will help give you two exercises to practice getting more in tune.

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona


Podcast 170 – Destiny Cards with Rosie Cutter

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Have you ever heard of Destiny Cards?

I hadn’t either, but today you’re going to learn about a really cool, easy, fun new tool to help you on your journey! This system pre-dates using a 52-card deck of what we think of as playing cards but were actually used for a whole other purpose before their popularity for solitaire and poker! There is a hidden map of your life – from birth up to right now – in these cards! We’re going to unpack it for you here.

Our guest is the person who I found the cards from – Rosie Cutter. She’s an astrologer, reader and so much more who hails from Aspen, but is very well traveled, including Jackson Hole, Hawaii, and many other places. A former professional musician (from the cards!), she now does readings for a wide variety of clients worldwide.

Here are some links to help you get more acquainted with this amazing system:

On Destiny Cards:
Rosie Cutter’s Destiny Card Products Site
52 Destiny Cards – Quick Reading
Robert Lee Camp’s Site (Rosie’s Partner in the Deck)

Rosie Cutter – Card Deck
Rosie Cutter – Readings
Robert Lee Camp’s Books on Amazon