Conscious Relationships – How to End in Namaste

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There is perhaps no better way or place to boost our soul’s growth than being in a relationship. The highs and lows, struggles and elation, joys and agony – all contribute to each person’s growth – whether they are aware of it or not.

We’ve had several listener questions lately about how to end a relationship that isn’t working. That’s a great platform to explore “Conscious Relationships.” Because it gets a lot easier when we are conscious that this reality is primarily about our soul’s growth. When we approach it from that perspective, and it comes time to end a relationship, it is much easier to both a) handle the emotions associated with breaking up and b) end in namaste toward one another. 

Majona has some very good thoughts on this so we unpack “Conscious Relationships” in this episode of Subconscious Mind Mastery. 

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona 

Rick Clunn – The Mastery of Intuition in Bass Fishing

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I had an intuitive prompt the other day to look back at a chapter of my past, going back some three decades ago. I was privileged to spend over 15 years on the production team of “The Bassmasters” TV show. Back then it aired on The Nashville Network, then on ESPN, and now it is on some of the outdoor channels. The show covers the Bassmaster Tournament Trail of professional bass fishing. It’s a phonetical niche market of people who are passionate about being outdoors, zipping to and fro in 6-figure bass rigs – all in pursuit of an elusive creature populating most of the freshwater lakes in the US: The largemouth bass. 

Even though the TV show covered the tournament events, to those of us working on the show, the main goal was to get inside the heads of the winners…because that would help more people learn how to catch fish. And if you were watching a fishing show of any kind, it was because you wanted to pick up some little tip or tactic to help you next time at the lake. 

One of the stand-out anglers back then and definitely still today is Rick Clunn. He is a true champion, and just a month before this is posted, he won another big tournament in Florida, hauling in almost 100 pounds of bass over 4 days! At age 72! Rick practices what he preaches, and is still as enthusiastic about his craft as he was 35 years ago. 

Rick Clunn approaches fishing differently, as you will hear in the podcast. I didn’t really realize back then the power this guy had, even at that relatively early point in his career. Rick talks about how visualization, intuition and meditation guide him to what has been an unbelievable career in the sport of fishing. He talks about how powerful these are, and have been in his career. 

Wow. Just, wow. 

I pulled a few quotes I found recently on his approach, and I’m sure it will inspire and encourage you to not only hone your intuitive and visualization skills, but also to be your absolute best in everything you take on. 

Thank you, Rick Clunn, for such a brilliant encouragement and perspective on how a true champion approaches his craft…and life. 

Enjoy the Journey,



Destiny Card Weekly Reading Deck Instructions with Rosie Cutter

If you purchased a “Cards of Destiny” Weekly Reading Kit and want to know where to begin, Rosie Cutter did us a favor and walks through in this short audio exactly what to do to get started! 

This step-by-step guide will get you into your first reading. A few key points to note: 

  • Always return the deck to the original position as Rosie describes. 
  • Find out what day of the week you were born and do your weekly reading the day before that day. 
  • Only start with the main row of weekly cards if you’re comfortable, then you can ease into the supporting rows later if you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

Then, enjoy learning and playing with the cards! 

Podcast: Rosie Cutter on Destiny Cards 
Podcast: Thomas & Majona on Destiny Cards Application 

Conscious Parenting the Subconscious Way

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Between Majona and I are 6 kids. Four biological and one “adopted” into the family. And miraculously, all of them are great kids. While Majona’s kids and my kids grew up in totally different environments, they each are finding their own journeys. 

This is a podcast for those of you in the parenting years. While this is a vast subject worthy of many hours of exploration, this is the first podcast here where parenting is explored. 

Now-days we are becoming more aware of “Consciousness.” We hear of conscious capitalism. Conscious living. Even conscious parenting. In this episode, Majona and I talk about various intentions and ways we chose to parent, consciously or unconsciously, and some of the results. 

Perhaps we will explore this more in future episodes, but at least this is a start. 

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas & Majona

Podcast 175 – Fred Dodson “Intuitive Awareness Method”

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Get ready! Fred Dodson is back and after this interview, he said he thought it was the best one we have done in six years! 

We’re talking about his latest book, “Intuitive Awareness Method,” or IAM for short. This is a 5-step process that will help you tune into your intuition, and gain clarity on what your soul is telling you is best for you. 

When Fred talks about the “Stream of Life” (Reality Creation Technique) and (Levels of Energy), this is what he’s talking about – keeping your boat in the middle of the stream through intuition. 

As a matter of personal testimony, I tried this right after finishing recording the audiobook and it steered me right in the direction I needed. It is very powerful indeed. 


Intuitive Awareness Method – Amazon
Intuitive Awareness Method – Audible
Fred Dodson Music (New 2019)

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas, Fred & Majona

Podcast 174 – More on Destiny Cards

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Back on Feb 9 we did podcast (#170) with Rosie Cutter introducing Destiny Cards, a system I now understand goes all the way back to the Atlantean period over 12,000 years ago. As we’ve been playing with it, some pretty cool things have opened up by our own observation.

In this podcast, we go a little deeper based on our own observations, particularly discussing how the Cards can help us find and stay on our karmic life purpose. 

Here are the resources mentioned at the beginning of the podcast: 

Robert Lee Camp – Blue Book
Robert Lee Camp – Love Cards
Rosie’s Cards of Destiny Weekly Reading Deck
Destiny Card App

Enjoy the Journey! 
Thomas & Majona 

Podcast 173 – Listener Question on Subconscious Programming and OCD

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This is a great question from a listener – what do you do if you are diagnosed OCD and have a propensity to think negative thoughts…won’t that program your subconscious mind negatively?

Great question, and it shows you understand how subconscious programming works! Majona and I talk about this very relevant question.

Disclaimer: If you have any kind of mental challenge, please see a professional. The opinions we offer here are either based on our own personal experience or what we have heard and read. We are not licensed clinicians, we do not diagnose, and we do not treat. Please see a professional for all proper physical, mental or emotional treatment.

Podcast 172 – As One Chapter Closes…

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This is a podcast of reflection and lessons from nearly 3 years in Aspen, Colorado. One chapter closed as you will hear, and another has already opened. The biggest eye-opener lesson I learned from this was on our soul’s journey, there is often a strong pull to completion. To close loops, if you will. The big question is will we hear the pull…and will we respond.

Here are some big-time lessons from a few years spent in literal paradise, and then the openness to move on when that time came as well.

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona