Once in a Lifetime Energy for Karmic & Soul Work

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Right now, as of about 9 pm last night, there is an energy available to every person on the planet to do soul and karmic work like we have never seen in our lives, nor will we ever see again in our lifetimes. This is a very unique alignment of several astrological energies represented by Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Lunar Node. These are all in retrograde now and will be until at least August when Jupiter goes direct again.

What that means is we can do more soul-work now than we have ever been able to do, supported by universal energy. Rather than reading more about it, I’d like to just pour my heart out because I would love for everyone on the planet to know and be working with this incredible energy right now. So let’s talk about it!

Enjoy the Journey!

I QUIT! Here’s a myth-buster that “winners never quit and quitters never win” with the Quit Dr. Stan Robertson

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You’ve heard the expression “winners never quit and quitters never win,” right? Well, to a point, that’s true. But true winners…those who are interested in elevating their consciousness and evolve during this lifetime, often do quit things that don’t serve them so they can grow into areas that do.

We are going to explore that myth with Dr. Stan Robertson, “The Quit Doctor.” Dr. Robertson has four unique points on why we should thing differently about quitting. And this is a great metaphor to reprogram our subconscious minds, too. Being willing to release is the starting point!

Here is the Quit Doctor’s website

And here is the book, “Quit: The Last Principal of Success” on Amazon

Enjoy the Journey!

Podcast 6th Birthday – Anniversary Celebration!

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Six years ago on Easter weekend 2013 I got a prompt to do a podcast. Only problem was I had no idea what to talk about, so I just started telling my story of what I had done to turn my life around. One thing I had learned was how our Subconscious Mind indeed gets programmed by experiences and influences from our past – especially during our childhood. I had observed how that played out in my own life.

Through pretty simple deduction, I figured if one’s subconscious could be programmed negatively, it could be programmed positively, too. Even after the main “programming window” had closed. So my quest was to figure out how to better program my Subconscious Mind toward what I wanted. After all, if a whole bunch of “negative” things had happened without me having to do anything, what could it be like if I just got things programmed positively…and left that on “Subconscious overdrive?”

Well, this is a look back at the last six years since we began talking together. And I must admit, it has been one heck of a journey…with much more wonderful things ahead. Let’s take a quick look back and capture some lessons on how to turn your life around by reprogramming your Subconscious Mind toward what you really want in life!

Enjoy the Journey,

What is it like communicating with spirits in the non-physical with Julie Jancius and Majona

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Since she was a child, Majona has been able to see, hear and feel spirits from the non-physical. This may seem threatening if someone is not familiar with this reality, but to Majona, it was totally normal. She thought everyone could. It wasn’t until she was almost 10 years old that she finally realized she was very much in the minority and most people cannot communicate outside our Earth-reality. 

Now meet Julie Jancius who hosts the “Angels and Awakening” podcast, a new series that she is doing a great job with! I was recently a guest on Julie’s show, and was so impressed, I wanted to introduce her to you! She has a deep connection with spirit and a beautiful energy that radiates right through the microphone! 

Majona and Julie talk about their mutual experiences communicating with those who have left the physical realm, but are still very much connected and interested in what is going on with us here. This will open you up to new dimensions and a realization that there is so much more than we are aware of here on Earth. 

Julie’s website is here

Julie’s podcast is here

Majona’s new podcast – Life After Life – is here

2019 Energy Spotlight – Where Growth Is Right Now!

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I have been in hyperdrive learning more and more all the time about this incredible “journey” we are on! Much has been about our soul path, our very reason for being here, why certain things are more difficult than others, and where we can focus our growth. 

Along this line, I started a couple new podcasts you might want to check out – links to both are below. 

Right now, and continuing through 2019, there is a very specific concentrated energy that should be taken note of – especially if you are serious about your own journey. That is what this podcast is about – where you can lean-in and find support in your growth right now! 

Enjoy the Journey!

Fun Astrology Podcast 


Life After Life Podcast


Conscious Cinema with Nicole Wensel

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Almost everyone enjoys a good movie or TV show now and then. And certainly, video is predominant on social media. It seems more than ever that our culture is consumed with video of all sorts. Let’s talk about how that affects us consciously and subconsciously with an expert in the field.

Nicole Wensel grew up in Texas but got herself to LA as soon as she could because she knew as a child that she wanted to be in films. Today she is producing, directing and acting in films and videos but with a particular passion for consciousness in films – which is of particular interest to those of us who want to program our subconscious minds with what we want to show up in our lives! This is a relevant and interesting conversation with a delightful young lady with a bright future in an important industry.

Nicole’s website: consciouscinemaco.com

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona