Deeper Subconscious Mind Programming & Work – North and South Nodes of the Moon

Let’s go deeper in this podcast. Something has been on my mind lately that I’ve been incubating and developing and that’s about things that we brought into this life (called our Subconscious Programming) to deal with on a soul level. I’ve been researching how this shows up in our astrological chart, but it also just shows up in our life, and when we stop to think about it, we can probably pretty easily identify with it.

This podcast goes deeper – and there are some resources at the end, so here are the links:

Lives of the Soul Audiobook
Thomas Miller North & South Node Astrological Readings September 2019 Special
SoulFest 2019

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Thomas & Majona

Post-Eclipse Pointers – Lunar Partial Eclipse – July 2019

We have been in some super-powerful transformational energy on the planet this summer and this partial lunar eclipse has given us yet another opportunity to use cosmic energy to our advantage. If you haven’t caught my Fun Astrology Podcast yet, a link to it is below. Would love to have you join in because I’m talking about this every day now!

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Let’s talk about a few releasing tips in this post-eclipse energy.

Fun Astrology with Thomas

Life After Life with Thomas & Majona

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Have Your Own “Galactic Council” Life Review Under This Powerful Energy

The focus today is harnessing this incredible transformational energy that the Universe is giving us the rest of this year and into next to change massive things in our life in order to grow our soul. This kind of powerful transformational energy hasn’t been in this alignment since the early 1500s! The idea today is to have your own “Galactic Council” soul review meeting. Let’s explain…


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Introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Himat Singh Dayvault

One of my best take-aways from Aspen will last a lifetime. My friendship with Himat Singh Dayvault. We became ski buddies, hiking buddies, now camping buddies, and we’re co-producers of a new video training series that will be out soon on using some Kundalini yoga techniques for brain trauma, concussions, and dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

Himat has been doing Kundalini yoga for 30 years now and as you will hear in his voice, is one of the most centered and grounded people I know. It was a pleasure to sit down with him at the Red River, New Mexico Convention and Visitors Bureau facility (which they were generous to provide to us) to talk about his journey in Kundalini.

If you are ever in Aspen and want some highly spiritual, therapeutic, and just down right amazing bodywork, contact Himat via email here:

himat7 AT Yahoo dot Com

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Himat

Energy Update – July-August 2019 – What do you do when the energy around you is challenging

This is a timely podcast for the summer of 2019 – we are going to give you a “Survival Guide” to handle the challenging energy of what’s going on this summer. It has indeed been tough, and people are feeling it. There are a few things both Majona and I do to help that we will share, but basically if you put this on a “soul journey” perspective and monitor resistance – that will help tremendously.

Here are a couple other resources we mention:

Majona’s consults:

Life After Life Facebook Group:

Fred Dodson Levels of Energy Seminar Podcast Listeners Registration:

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