Structure – The Energy of the Universe is Calling for Structure

These, indeed, are ominous times. As I am recording this episode, there is serious discussion to impeach the President of the United States. Many are feeling and seeing more bizarre events in their lives, or the lives of their friends. This is very powerful energy that is influencing the entire planet and it is calling for one primary action on our part: Build Structure. So let’s unpack this and talk about what actions we can take to align and maximize this powerful force.   Enjoy the Journey, Thomas

How I Got Another Audiobook Deal!

I am so excited to now be affiliated with Steven Forrest, narrating his Elements Series book, “Fire: The Life Givers.” While many of us are facing substantial challenges, the Universe is always on our side…especially now. This is my 200th episode, and is packed with info on what’s going on energetically and what Majona and I are doing to navigate it.   Enjoy the Journey! Thomas & Majona

Gut Punches – How to Respond

I’m sure hearing a lot of people talk about more challenges in their lives. “Gut Punches,” if you will. I had two this week that were as big and hard to swallow as anything I’ve experienced so far…including 2 divorces and everything else I’ve personally had thrown my way. But with different tools and new subconscious mind reprogramming, my responses this time are a LOT different than before. So let’s examine what may be causing these hits, and a few lessons on how we can respond differently. Enjoy the Journey, Thomas

Massive Creation & Manifestation Energy Right Now – Our Soul’s Journey

On August 30, 2019 we had a big new Moon in Virgo. For more on the structure of why this new moon is so powerful, listen to my FUNastrology podcast here. On the bigger picture, not discussed in the daily astrology report, is the big picture behind it. Here’s a map when the last times this energy of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn were together and what happened afterward.

Dec 18, 1284 – Ushered in the Dark Ages
Dec 25, 1517 – Protestant Reformation began (October 1517)
1762 – 1771 – Pluto was in Capricorn itself (Saturn was on the other side of the chart) – began the American Revolution

January 10, 2020 – TBD

So this is very powerful collective transformational energy, and it’s very powerful for our own lives as well – including exposing and programming our subconscious mind – and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this episode.

Enjoy the Journey,