Neville Goddard – Wishes Fulfilled. How The Subconscious Works

I mentioned in our Facebook Group (link to join below) that I’d heard Neville Goddard’s name 3 times recently, so it was time to take a look. So I picked up a copy of “Feeling is the Secret” and found a treasure trove of great stuff in this very short read. So let’s unpack some of Neville’s core teachings and remind ourselves of the “roots” of manifesting – what we believe, how we think and feel, and making “pitches to the Universe!” Enjoy the Journey! Thomas

Delicious Aruvedic Tea Recipe from Himat Singh Dayvault

There’s nothing better than the aroma of fresh cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom simmering on the stove! This is a yogi chai recipe from Himat Singh Dayvault that will warm your bones this fall/winter…and if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere…will still taste great as the flowers bloom and the trees begin to bud in Spring.

If you would like this recipe, email me at thomas – at – subconscious mind mastery dot com and I’ll be happy to send it to you!

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas, Majona & Himat

Navigating Difficult Cosmic Energy

There is, indeed, difficult energy for many people right now. It’s showing up on social media posts. Phone calls. Perhaps right in your own home. What is the source of this – that is affecting so many people? What is the purpose of it? Is this “malefic” energy, or “benefic?” I would advocate that all things are ultimately for our good…but when we’re going through the forest, sometimes we need direction…and a shoulder to lean on.

This is an update on the theme we’ve been talking about recently with the intention of giving you encouragement & tools to help along the journey!

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona

Yoga Tips for the Soul with Kundalini Yogi & Teacher, Himat Singh Dayvault

A while back, I offered to send a PDF of a morning Kundalini Yoga routine I was doing, and the response has been quite positive. I thought maybe you’d like to hear more from Himat Singh Dayvault – my Aspen Yogi buddy and ski partner – who has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for decades. Himat takes us deeper into the Journey, along with some great tips to help you get started in your daily practice! Enjoy the Journey! Thomas