Intuition vs. “Monkey Mind.” How to tell the difference!

Modern science says we think well over 50,000 unique thoughts every day. But…where do they come from? Where does a thought originate? And, how do we tell our infinite mind (our subconscious mind) from our finite mind? This is a podcast with information I haven’t discussed before and one you should find interesting and….thought-provoking!

Enjoy the Journey!

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What’s the Most Transformative advice I could give anyone going through tough times

This is from the listener mailbag – thank you for writing. A young man in LA is losing his 9-year soul partner relationship to someone else. The arrows pierce through one’s heart at such times. Two young girls lose their mom to cancer a few months back and now their dad lies in a hospital from a massive heart attack. How do we handle these things? There is one piece of advice…a mindset really…that made all the difference in the world to me and we summarize it here.

Also, if you stay to the end you will hear exciting news in our lives, and here is the GoFundMe link we mention in the podcast. Thank you for considering being generous and helping us extend this outreach to many more people! Namaste 

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona

Dealing with our Karmic Past: Healing & Revealing Prior Wounds

This is one of those inspirational episodes where I just got hit with an “ah-ha” awakening about my past. This was triggered by something that I was running the old pattern automatically – something that’s been happening all my life. This was about digging out old wounds and especially old subconscious mind programming. It comes in all kinds of ways, including coming to the surface when we’re ready to deal with it. There are some great lessons in here! Enjoy the Journey, Thomas