New Year’s Special 2020! Make This New Year’s Conscious!

We had a great listener question about what to do for New Year’s Eve to help lock in our subconscious re-programming, conscious awareness, intentions, and what we would like to unfold in our lives in 2020. Majona joins me to talk about a few of the things we’ll be doing (intentionally) this year not only to bring in the new decade, but to reflect and set intentions on our soul journeys. Hope some of these help!

Thomas & Majona

Relationship Questions: A Reading for “Jane”

This is new to the podcast but is something Majona and I stumbled into doing our respective work and are going to roll out on a broader scale. This a joint reading where we use the astrological chart combined with Majona’s perception with Spirit Guides and Angels coming through in the reading. 

A listener question about a relationship was the springboard, so we will show you what this is like. If you would like to get a reading like this, you can get more info here:

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas & Majona

“Blink!” – How to Hear and Follow Your Blink!

The “Blink!” That intuitive prompt that Malcom Gladwell described in his classic book of the same name. That Blink comes from that part of us that is directly connected to Divine Source and can “see around the corner” of our lives. Plus, we have a great story from a recent road trip that perfectly illustrates how we tend to argue with that infinite information!

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas & Majona

Fred Dodson Discusses Lessons From the Water & Jet Skiing

Fred Dodson is back! On his blog recently, he posted this video showing pictures from a near-miss on a jet ski. The video is chilling (no pun intended) and speaks for itself, but Fred was kind enough to describe what happened and some of the thoughts & lessons gleaned.

There is always something we can take away from Fred’s insights to higher consciousness living and this is certainly no exception!

Enjoy the Journey,