Mt Elbert
Top of the Mountain 2012

Just like you, I’m a work in progress.  I only say that to let you know that if ever there was the epitome of the saying, ‘if I can do it, anyone can do it’, that’s me!

In my late 40’s I began a new quest.  A new journey.  An exploration of higher mountains.

As part of this quest, I learned how much gets programmed into our subconscious minds, especially from birth to our early teen years.  It seemed some things I wasn’t even thinking about consciously, appeared in my life – good and not so good.

I began studying this and as a result, things dramatically changed.

Now I can truly say I’m living a life I love!

Today, I have an amazing career, live in a phenomenal place, have a great relationship with my kids and have connected with my inner self.







In 2012, I climbed Colorado’s highest mountain and turned right around and rode 100 miles on my bike!

This is an exploration of the depths and resources of our subconscious minds and how you can live a more empowered life.









Thank you for finding this website.  My goal is that it will be a valuable resource for you in your own journey.

Thomas Miller
Dallas, Texas

Mt Elbert Tight