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The Original version of THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH

This is an exact replica of the original 1910 version of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Waddles. This book had a profound impact on my early transition to a new way of living. Interestingly, by following the principals in this book, I received nearly a 300% return on my investment. The story is in Podcast 157! This is an exclusive 30% discount just for Subconscious Mind Mastery listeners. Click on the book to order yours today! 

Brain Sync with kelly howell

These are the wonderful brain-state audio meditations I still use and recommend to not only help program the subconscious mind, but also to enter various brain wave states, as described on her web site. Well worth checking out

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meditation course from giovanni dienstmann

Giovanni has been on two podcasts, and developed this wonderful course to help you ease into meditation, quieting the mind and focusing your attention. Highly recommend you pick this up and go through it.