Coaching Program Changing Lives!

Since I was a teenager, I always wanted to help people spiritually, and now I better understand the truest shift comes in the area of the subconscious mind. In my opinion, that is the center-point of our connection to Higher Source, The Universe, The Divine, to God.

Since the Subconscious Mind Mastery Coaching Program began about 2 months ago, lives have been changed. We’ve been identifying and clearing deep subconscious blocks and programs, ¬†helping people find their intuitive voice and making the decision to follow it, we’ve been delving into issues around life purpose, past karma, and what they are here to achieve in this “journey.”

Since I shifted everything in my life in 2007 (hard to believe it’s been a full decade), there were several critical points where I knew I needed coaching, or some form of assistance. The first was at the beginning of the journey, when I was looking for as much new information as I could find. I had to find a better way of “doing life.”

The next was a couple years later. I had done a lot of work. My motivation to change was still high, but I was just stuck in old paradigms. Yes, the shift had occurred, but old habits die hard, and I was still reacting and responding out of those old habits. I sought coaching, and from that time spent, this podcast was born. It was by achieving the higher ground that I was able to receive the intuitive prompt to do this show, which was born on Easter Sunday, 2013.

The second was a little while ago, when I thought it would be nice to get another “bump.” Turned out that one wasn’t needed, I was doing better on my own. This program is designed to help you following your intuitive voice, making sure your subconscious blocks are clear and aligned with your purpose and vision, and then to turn you loose to do life. When you get answers from within, you don’t need to see external advice.

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