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Subconscious Mind Coaching

Thomas Miller
Host of the “Subconscious Mind Mastery” Podcast

Take your “Journey” to new heights through following Intuition, Re-Programming your Subconscious Mind and learning how you were wired to do this life in the first place! 

What is Subconscious Mind Coaching? 

First of all, Subconscious Mind Coaching is FAST! We get to the bottom of things quickly and through an amazing and powerful  Subconscious Clearing Procedure, we disrupt old patterns and instill new, empowering beliefs quickly – often the next day! 

  • Identify and Reverse Subconscious Blocks
  • Learn to Live From Intuition (Divine Guidance)
  • Release & Replace Disempowering Beliefs

Subconscious Mind Coaching focuses starts from right where you are in life now. Then, it traces your current subconscious program (your “paradigm”) back to its origins so you can see what influenced your life in those most critical years.

We work together to re-program your paradigm, thus allowing your subconscious mind to begin assisting in opening doors, unlocking closed paths and bringing into your life everything you need in order to fulfill your “journey.”

Most importantly, Subconscious Mind Coaching will teach you how to hear and follow Intition, that still, small voice inside that is directly connected to the Divine. When you learn to follow this one critical piece, you can basically throw away all the other self-help stuff you have because you will truly be living according to your purpose.

We use highly effective clearing and re-programming techniques to remove blocks, disrupt old patterns and instill a new operating system in those areas of your life where you are stuck, blocked or limited.

Our students are amazed at how the releasing process allows them to almost instantly gain relief from years of negative subconscious mind programming. 

"When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears"


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One-On-One Coaching

Customized Audio

Astrology Life Purpose Reading

Other Services

  • Identify Blocks
  • Create Shifts
  • Reprogramming

We will focus on you: What is going on in YOUR life, right now. If often takes someone bumping you in the right direction to make a positive shift. Subconscious Mind Coaching can be just that bump.

Coaching is based on finding blocks and removing them quickly, not the years Thomas talks about it taking him in the podcast. 

  • Best tool for fastest change
  • Specific to YOU
  • Customized to what you need to hear repetitively

One of the most powerful reprogramming tools is listening to audio over and over until your brain believes it. Thomas will work with you to create a customized audio recording that is tailored to your specific needs. Listening before bed is one of the fastest ways to reprogram your subconscious mind! 

  • Learn your life purpose clearly laid out in your chart
  • Find out your specific ideosynchronicities that specifically correlate to your life purpose
  • Discover career/family/money issues

The astrology chart holds all the clues to help you understand yourself better to live life to its fullest. This reading will give you powerful tools to get, and stay, on purpose. 

  • Past-Life Regression
  • Future-Self Visioning
  • Hypnosis Audio
  • Recorded Affirmations

Additional life-issues may surface during coaching, and Thomas has tools at his disposal to help you get to the bottom of anything that has been holding you back, and can recommend other powerful resources to help you be the best you can be! 

Coaching package options

One Session $150

4 sessions $595

Custom Audio Meditation $125

Astrology Chart Reading $299

For a single issue or to get “bumped” back into alignment. 

This is not intended for multiple or deeper issues but rather one-time to help sort things out and get you grounded, in touch with Intuition and heading in the right direction. 

Book 4 sessions to use over any period of time you choose.
(Non-astrology related)

Perfect for working through old paradigms, releasing subconscious blocks and learning to hear and follow Intuition. Fast and efficient. You’ll be amazed what we will cover in 4 sessions! 

Thomas will produce a customized meditation audio you can listen to day or night – addressing YOUR specific issues. 

This is perfect to help supplement the coaching work and help you re-program your subconscious. 

Get a full chart reading from Thomas including a 1-hour call to review the chart. This reading is best accompanied with coaching so we know specifically what areas to look for and address. 

This will help you understand how you are “wired” for this life!