Podcast 20 – Tools of the Subconscious Trade


It takes a lot of guts to look at your life and decide you need to make changes.  This is a bold, brave move, should you be considering doing so.  Most people are content to live their lives on a daily grind – the treadmill analogy – without ever stopping long enough to do a deep-dive and see if something needs to change.

If you have done so, I salute you.  In this Podcast, we are going to look at some tools that were a big part of my own process of making radical changes to the programming of my subconscious mind that have resulted in a dynamic, powerful life.  Wherever you are now, have hope that you can create a life you love.

It takes time.  It’s not a drive-through solution.  But you can do it.  In this podcast are some tools to help you along the way.



  • Jozee

    Great podcasts, but you ruin it with the mention of The Trump :). I am not sure how he fits into the mind mastery philosophy and I am completely open to the idea of believing that. But to most of the world he epitomizes narcissism and ignorance. I would have completely ignored the reference to him if it was made just once, because I think he is besides the point, it’s his “success” that you want to inspire people. But the second reference to this man was made alongside mother Theresa. It makes me question your definition of success and motives for mind mastery.

    Once again, great job with the podcasts and would really appreciate keeping the trump out of these.

  • tmil01

    Thank you Jozee for writing, and for listening! I’m especially grateful because you actually understood the context of my analogy of those two very different people. However, please let me suggest this – whenever you react so strongly to something, stop and take a look at what’s showing up for you. Donald Trump, whatever he is, should not trigger such strong distaste. There is something more underneath that for you, dear friend. Take a look at the resentment, or resistance, and see what shows up.

    I’m excited you understood the contrast. The point was that it doesn’t matter who you are – whether you are the icon of personal and corporate greed, or you are the icon of servanthood, it’s about connecting with YOUR own greatness! Please don’t let the use of Trumps name ruin the point! Get underneath that and release, release, release!

    Thank you again for listening,