Podcast 3 – The Power of Suggestion!


WARNING:  The information in this audio recording could change your life in the direction of your thoughts, dreams and intentions.  Proceed with caution!

Here’s a really bold statement:  “Everything that has happened to you is because of the thoughts impressed on your subconscious mind by belief”  – Joseph Murphy “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”

This podcast contains the recipe I used to literally shift the course of my life from heading down a continual cycle of everything I didn’t want, and shifted it into everything I do want.  You can do the same.

 Main Points:
1. Determine what isn’t working
2. Trace it back
3. Analyze everything around it
4. Create a new belief (Do the Opposite)
5. Impress on the Subconscious Mind through repetition and vivid visual imagery

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  • Joan Harrison

    I continue to be a fan of your work. Your explanation of the subconscious mind is concise. Because of my therapy background I particularly like the fact that you ask listeners to trace back to when they first heard the negative message that they instilled in their subconscious. This is so important, I think in fact it is imperative to ‘join up the dots’ – once we bring into awareness why we have followed the outdated messages then we can begin the work of correcting them. Well done Thomas, keep up the great work.

  • tmil01

    Thank you Joan. This website springs from turning my life around, as you know. I’ve been a tough nut. My coach says I ask rhetorical, unanswerable questions to distract and not confront the issue. I’ve always hidden behind walls of resistance. I figure if this process works for someone as tough as I am, for the more permeable, pliable souls out there without so many such layers, this should be a god-send. I greatly appreciate your kind encouragement.

  • SmilingDoll

    I was highly pessimistic girl and I came across the book ‘The power of subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy’ in February. After reading the book and applying the techniques, I achieved what I though was difficult to get. I got the government job with the skype interview. This was my first time I had ever given any interview. I was so surprised when I got the call and finally when I signed the offer letter. I believe that subconscious mind is so powerful. But few days before, I again began to get pessimistic and depressing. While I was surfing for any more books, I came across your Podcasts in iTunes. I was so happy and was relaxed when I heard you listening. It was like refreshing my mind again and I really like your voice and the passion you speak with. Please continue the service. I have subscribed to your podcasts!!!

  • tmil01

    Thank you smiling doll. It’s comments like yours that keep us going. I really appreciate you taking time to write.

  • Zen Driver

    So much self-help out there – so much on iTunes, there must be a reason you’re catching fire. I, myself, find your messages a great companion piece to my Ernest Holmes/Science of Mind readings and I look forward to your next, and many future podcasts. Also, the sharing of your personal story and details is a generous touch and helps us fellow travelers feel less alone.

    Thanks and congratulations. You’ve got “It” and you’re going to be huge. Please don’t desert us.

  • tmil01

    zen Driver, thank you for your very kind words. It’s octane for the soul! You will never be forgotten, my friend!