Podcast 4 – The Law of Polarity


There is ONE great Universal Law and 7 sub-laws.  The entire universe operates with precision within these laws of the universe.  The one, single thing that does not operate within these laws is the thinking human mind.

When we bring our conscious, thinking mind in alignment with our subconscious mind, which can only operate within these laws, miracles begin to happen.

This podcast explores these laws, particularly one – The Law of Polarity.

  • Lou Lee

    Hello! I found your podcast just yesterday and I’m hooked. The only trouble I’m having is that the Polarity post isn’t work on your site or on iTunes. It seems to be a pretty key podcast as it’s mentioned a lot in previous posts. Thank you for creating this entire series and thank you for your help!

  • Oh my – thank you for pointing that out. Try it now. Not sure what happened there, but it should be resolved. Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts. Thank you!

  • Lissette Molinet

    Great info Thomas! I’ve spent many years reading self-development books, strange that I’ve never heard of The Law of Polarity. Something new to research further, but more importantly, put into practice.