Podcast 93 – Your Opinion Please!


This podcast is a little different format, and I’ll warn you in advance, it comes with an agreement. If you’re new to this series, please pass this one by. It won’t make any sense. If you’ve been around for a while, and don’t mind agreeing to help me out, the first three minutes will catch you up on the latest journeys, the Sedona trip (which is two weeks away) and tell you what you’re agreeing to!

For those of you who stay with this one to the end, I really appreciate your investment and time.

Enjoy the Journey,

  • Eman Barakat

    Amazing podcast thank you for sharing your journey it’s helpful for others that are going through similar situations that you discuss. Great podcast!!

  • Thank you so much Eman. Glad you found the podcast and thank you for writing! Enjoy the Journey!