Podcast 94 – Heart to Heart


Today’s podcast is about the B-word. Bliss! In a recent email, my friend Jeanette Maw said if you lay out your life experiences on a 0 to 10 scale, zero being totally painful and 10 being a state of bliss, focus most of your time on 8 and above. That’s pretty good advice.

This podcast is an update on the past month plus a new challenge. The link to make donations as mentioned is here: https://goo.gl/qo6BzC

Thank you in advance to those of you who are willing to take action!

Enjoy the Journey,

  • Lissette Molinet

    Saw your post on Good Vibe Blog. Followed my intuition, clicked on your name, and found this website. Enjoyed listening to this podcast…will go back and binge on the rest!

  • Hi Lissette – glad you found us! Be sure to check out Episode 88 – Jeanette and I had a great visit! This is a sequential series so to really get the jest of it, roll all the way back to #1 (after you listen to Jeanette!). Thank you for the kind comment!

  • Lissette Molinet

    Thank you for pointing me towards your interview with Jeanette. Just listened to it (great job) and it’s always fun listening to her infectious laugh. I’ve already started catching up on your series. Glad I found this site!

  • Bose

    Hi Thomas, this message to you is long overdue. My lazy ass took me this long to say…Thank You! I’ve been listening to your podcast for the past 6 or 7 months, and you have been a great source of courage and inspiration in my life. And guess what, I’m right on the other side of the world – Singapore. I always eagerly wait for the next podcast to be made, and get a tad restless when you take a break in between 🙂 I also got the audio books by Fred Dodson, nerratted by you. I’ve been into creative visualisation for a long time, so I kind of know who is genuine and talks substance. You and Fred are the two most honest, no-fluff reality creators I have come cross. Blame my ever sceptic mind that draws the unwanted situations in life. But given your podcast, at least I can accept and acknowledge that it’s my own doing.
    While listening to this latest podcast, I could sense a hint of disappointment and frustration as to how little a response you get when you want one. I don’t blame you. I wonder why people like me, who gain so much from you, take so long to say ‘we do want you to continue’. I’m sure there are many like me scattered around the world, the silent souls, who listen to you.
    I would love to speak to you one day, like Skype etc.
    You have been an inspiration. And I can’t thank enough.
    God bless you
    And as you would say, ‘enjoy the journey’

  • Thank you so much Bose for not only listening but for taking time to write your amazingly kind words! That’s the juice that I love to hear. Many blessings in return! Thomas