Subconscious Mind Transcript 15

Podcast 15– Letter from a Listener

This is Subconscious Mind Mastery podcast number 15.

We’re going to talk today about creating and take a look at a letter written by one of you, just a lot of emotion in this letter and it opens up so many great points for us to talk about. So that’s what we’re going to do. This is going to be a great podcast. Hi! My name is Thomas Miller. I hope you’re doing well. And there’s so much great stuff going on right now. I can hardly stand it. I’m recording this on a Saturday in May 2013, and my son has just completed his sophomore year, his second year of college. And he’s moving back here with me in Dallas up in Plano is where I live, the northern section of the Dallas Fort Worth area. And he changed … get this guys, he changed his summer plans and pursued coming to live with me because he saw a window of opportunity there. And he wanted to come live with his dad for the summer. Is that not the coolest thing? I’ll tell you why that’s so special to me is because one of the biggest things that I have been focusing on and manifesting is a great relationship with my kids. And I have a daughter who just graduated … well, she’s graduating this coming week, but yesterday completed her last day of high school. So she’ll be going to college in the fall and my son will be going back for his junior year and we’re going to have a great time together here this summer and I can’t wait. And this is one of the good things.

The other good thing that was really cool is this morning I completed the production, I hit the … there’s a button on the software that we use to do these audio books for And it says, ‘I’m done’, and it has an exclamation mark on it. When you hit that button man, you have recorded and uploaded all the files for a complete audio book. And I just finished, I guess it’s my fifth – fourth or fifth one in production now and it’s called She Wolf. It’s written by Theresa DeMario and it will be out probably in June or July on audible and it will be in the iTunes store and it’s a great Werewolf romance love story. It is just … I should … Theresa did a great job writing this book and I had a lot of fun narrating it. So we brought some wolf voices alive here. And it’s just a really cool story. Does have some erotic scenes in it, it’s spicy, I’ll warn you that, but very appropriate, I mean in the context of a, you know, a spicy romance novel. And it’s a great story. I thought she did a great job of the characters and a really cool story. So I enjoyed that.

And another thing I enjoyed was getting a letter from one of you. Somebody wrote me this week and it was such a great letter I thought we would share it together because there’s so much emotion and material here of what this person is dealing with that I thought it would be great for us to work through this together on several points because this is life folks, this is somebody who took the time to sit down at their computer and write out the emotion of what they were feeling after listening to this podcast. He says: Dear Thomas, I’ve been searching for such a work that you do and posting these podcasts on the internet, the law of attraction directed me to your internet site. And that’s true, because we’re a fairly new site and it doesn’t search well, you know, I’m kind of building the website as we go and learning about the whole process of doing this. And the website isn’t searching that well but yet people like Joan and this gentleman and several others have found it and the law of attraction definitely will pull like attracts like. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that this person was attracted to this website. And just the point that he needed some certain things in his life and it’s meeting his needs and I think that’s fantastic, that’s exactly what we’re here to do. And it’s no accident that you’re here as well. So welcome, and we’re all in this together.

He goes on, he says, “I am 24 years old and have had some serious problems with my subconscious mind through the years.” Now, I have to stop right there and just acknowledge how great it is that this young man in his 20s is starting to look at his life in this way. I didn’t do it until I was in my late 40s. Can you imagine the decades that were missed? And yes, you can see right here, everything that we’ve been talking about, the childhood programming, the genetic footprint, the stamp, how he was catapulted into his adult years with this imprint, now he’s fighting, there’s a war, you’re going to hear about going on inside of him. And he’s warring against that imprint and how he came into his adult years basically programmed to do life. And that’s not what he’s choosing consciously. And that’s the other point is this whole concept of conscious living, being aware that we have choice. I lived so long basically consciously asleep. So I went so many decades lost, so many decades, just in … not in the presence that I could create my life. Oh, I mean, you know, we go on, we do our thing, we go to school, we get a degree, we get a job, we marry, we mate as the book just was talking about from She Wolf, got mating on the mind there. But we have our families, we raise our kids, we do our thing. But we don’t realize that we can literally create our lives.

We more react and respond, it’s not living in the present now, it’s being imprisoned in the past and worried about the future and living to please other people and feeling obligated of what we have to do or what we should do. Should is one of the most, oh man, that not a killer word. But to realize that you and I are the creators of our lives. We are the captain of the ship, the master of the soul. So many people are just going through the motions. We look good doing it, boy we do, but we’re really just like a feather floating down a stream, letting life pull us on along, instead of consciously waking up, that’s the call here is wake up, challenge those conflicting beliefs, face that war inside your soul, wake up to your soul’s true identity, wake up.

I’m so thrilled to see this young man looking at his life from this perspective, even with the struggles that you’re about to hear, at least he’s awake. Oh, and he’ll find the way, I guarantee you, he’ll find the way. The universe will come support him and give him all the tools he needs. That’s already happening. So he says, “I’ve had some serious problems with my subconscious mind through the years.” There’s that programming conflict. “I always felt different from the others because of my emotional nature and vulnerability. I hated myself, my body, my sensitivity, everything.” He says everything in all caps. “I lived in my own world staying away from society because it hurt me on a permanent basis. Fortunately I have a loving family who always supported me.” I’m going to summarize some of this. But he says, a year ago he started to pray to God and ask for help and started searching for materials on the internet. He does not live in the United States. He lives in one of the Eastern European countries. So it’s not like he has a spiritual bookstore just down the street that he can go check things out. So he got on the internet, found a couple of books, a couple of resources that really spoke to him and made a lot of difference to him and started to point the way. And I think that’s how we all get started in this journey. We hit some point in our life where we say, “That’s it, I’m done. I’m going to go find some other way of doing life.”

And this is one of the key ways where I totally see the universe coming to support us time after time after time is when you start to look you will find, even Jesus said, “Seek and you shall find.” Ask and it will be given to you. Knock until that door opens and keep knocking. He goes on, “Finally I would like to tell you that I have achieved a significant progress with my subconscious mind but there are so many vicious programs imprinted in it to overcome, programs set by my conscious mind and by the environment. I have a lot of fears. I’m sure that I have great potential. I know what I want to do with my life. But first I need to heal myself and heal my subconscious mind. The problem is that that bridge keeper does not let me go in the direction that I want and I’m struggling to progress. I have great goals and dreams but the subconscious mind tries to keep the status quo which is very dysfunctional. I am completely wasting my time. I hope that by moving step by step I will eventually be free of the negative influence of my subconscious mind. I am feeling awake and believe that the bridge keeper is the last obstacle to have a really amazing life. Your podcasts have given me new hope and they confirm that I’m on the right track.”

Well, all I can say is thank you very much for those kind and encouraging words because that speaks to me as much as anything and I’m really touched that the work that we’re doing here is helping you and at least pointing you along the way. And I have to tell you that it’s your letter that also encourages me that this is on the right track because, look, I’m just telling you what happened to me and kind of putting the blocks together of what it took to get me to shift and to wake up, to realize that I could actually create my life. You know guys, that was such an unbelievable concept to me, because I thought God was like this great puppeteer, you know, looking over the veil of earth and had all of us on these strings that he would pull and that God was the one. I mean this is, you know, this is … this was what I got from my upbringing and that basically we needed to stay in the will of God. And it was almost – it was almost sacrilegious. It was almost against our religion to think that we could create. But you know, I thought even you take the Bible and go back to Genesis where God created the heavens and the earth. And then it says that God made man in his own image with his own character, the own character – the own character of God. And what we were taught of course is that God rested on the seventh day, that was it, creation stopped. But wait a minute, the very first thing God ever did that we saw of God’s nature was that God is a creator. And that never stopped.

But I was never taught that and I missed so many decades of creating. I was riding my bike the other day and I spoke to the universe and I said, “Okay, I’m 53 years old, I’m getting it, I understand I’ve got a lot to catch up for.” So I asked the universe for another 53 years, I’ll go to 106, instead of being two-thirds of the way done, no, I’ve got to go longer. So that’s why I’m doing these big long bike rides so that I can keep this body in great shape because we’ve got a lot more to do. But do you see this young man’s dilemma? He’s entering his adult years, he’s in his adult years, not entering them, he’s in them. He’s in his adult years and he’s at war inside because he’s realizing this conflict between how he was programmed, imprinted and stamped when he was a child and a teenager. You know, we don’t have the decision-making capability – the analytical capability when we’re kids. When this programming is going on, especially in those first five or six years, we don’t have the ability to say, “I’m going to choose to create the rest of my life.” No, we’re raised in a fearful environment and we take on fear, we’re raised in a charismatic, encouraging environment, we become charismatic, encouraging people. There’s also a genetic disposition, I mean some people are big and bold and confident, some people are timid and fearful and shy and more quiet. Some people are gregarious, some people are serious. I mean all of that nature.

But you were born with the package you, you were given the gifts and the talents that you were given and you were also given some offsetting challenges. Remember the law of polarity, you and I are born with a set of inherent natural strengths and we’re also born with an offsetting natural set of weaknesses. There is no degree of strengths. Yours aren’t greater than mine. We’re just given our natural abilities by the universe. I was thinking of the contrast between Donald Trump and Mother Teresa. You might think, well that’s a weird contrast. Well yeah, but think about it, here’s the big bold lion, the leo, Donald Trump, the guy that literally he said he went from Wharton to wealth. He went right out of school and stepped into his dad’s business and he started making his own deals. And he so epithemizes the leo personality. And then here’s humble Mother Teresa, both giants on the world stage, both tapped into their strengths, to that strong side of them. And they accentuated and grew that strength, each in touch with who they were and each contributing to society out of that strength, each in their own unique way. But it was getting in touch with that strength early on that gave them that identity. And then they just kept creating and kept building with it.

This young man is saying that his bridge keeper does not let him move forward. He’s battling between the conscious mind and how his natural instincts want to take him. And I can so empathize because that was exactly the same war that was inside me for all those years. And perhaps to some degree you can feel that inside yourself as well. He says that he has great goals and dreams. Now see, that shows he’s starting to clue in to choice. And that’s one of the main points of what we’re talking about in this podcast series and what we’re going to talk about today too, is that you have choice. And that’s exactly why I wanted to focus on this concept of the subconscious mind, because as much as we can talk about the law of attraction and the manifesting and that’s an amazing study in and of itself. But I had embedded programs and fears that I didn’t focus on consciously. And I didn’t have the analytical ability or I didn’t stop to think in my 20s. I thought I was on the right track. I thought this was how you did it. I thought I’d been raised well. I thought I was honoring God with all this. But see all of this was in my subconscious, it wasn’t my cognitive thinking, these fears were deep down inside. Oh, I knew they were there, I could consciously think them from time to time. But they were mostly just kind of down in there. And as I didn’t focus on them all that time and then when I looked back, and boy, that’s a sad thing to say, when you look back at your life and you realize that all those things had come true.

And that’s the subconscious mind. It will find the fulfillment. So we talk about manifesting, that’s great, that we engage the conscious mind to say I’m going to choose what I’m going to do, that’s the law, and then the vibration, the law of attraction, what Abraham teaches. Oh, I’ve found a good book, I’ve found a good e-book online, I want to give you this website, it’s Jeannette Maw is her name and she has an e-book that’s $27, it’s manifesting made simple, get it, it’s a great book. She does a wonderful job of capturing manifesting in three simple steps. And she’s just done a great job of expressing it. Her words are captivating and you’ll get something out of that little book. And it just simplifies it. The book is only 38 pages and about, I don’t know, 20 of those are saying, ‘don’t read this unless you’re having problems’. You know, it’s kind of like just follow the three steps that she lays out. And it’s not anything that you haven’t heard of, I can tell you that. There’s no secret source in there, there’s no silver bullet. But it’s that … the way that she puts it together is great. And I hope maybe one day that she and I can connect and we can even do an interview here. We’ll just put that out for the universe to work on a little bit. I would love to talk to her, she’s a delightful young lady and it looks like she kind of breathes the same air as what we’re doing here as well, goodvibe – V-I-B-E

What made me think of that is one of her points is kind of that look away concept that you focus on what you want but then … Wayne Dyer teaches this too and you learned it at Landmark. It’s the new throw it away, you know, I talked about it in one of the previous podcasts, Scott Brick and Pat Fraley and the audio book seminar that I did. “Throw it away Thomas, just don’t put so much into it, throw it away.” Because when we attach our identity to it, capital I, self-ego, whatever word you want to use, that’s when we get in the way of ourselves. Tama Kieves, have you heard of her – T-A-M-A K-I-E-V-E-S, some great stuff there too. And she says, “What if the very things that you thought you needed to succeed might actually be standing in the way of your success?” See, it’s that idea that you get in your own way. You work at it too hard. But when we create in our conscious mind and we press that down on our subconscious mind, I mean go back to Napoleon Hill, the more emotion you can put into that, pressing down on your subconscious mind, even with the two strongest emotions that he discusses, love and sex, or if you can capture the passion of love, you know, that flutter that when your heart just goes … that person, you know you think about that kind of love, that kind of emotion that you feel at that point, or the passion of sex, that emotional passion that comes with lovemaking, that’s how you program the subconscious mind the fastest.

Our friend here who wrote the letter, he’s looking to speed up the process. He’s like I’ve got my life ahead of me. I want to go live my life. I want to be free of this. Well, hold on, because it is a process. And it’s not something that you just snap, change overnight. You have to grow into reprogramming this. But I do agree that the more emotion you put into the reprogramming part, the more you press down on your subconscious mind. You see I think we say, “Oh, I’d like to have a new car, a new job would be great. I don’t like the one I have.” And you know, and we just don’t put passion into it. We don’t put that intensity, that Tony Robbins excitement, you know, like I’m really going to fire up my life. I mean that’s why he does what he does is because he realizes the very concept that we’re talking about here, the more energy, the more vibration, the more passion, the more physical energy, “Yeah, but I just don’t feel good.” See the difference, you see the contrast? And the universe rewards you according to your vibration. And I’m talking about your inner vibration, not go get wired up on quadruple espressos and five hour energies, no. I’m talking about that heart passion, that’s your vibration. You could jump and down on a stage and turn cartwheels and do everything else like Tony Robbins, run up and down the aisles. And if you heart isn’t in the right place then all you’re doing is calisthenics, you’re not attracting with your heart.

Tony talks about those early days when he would be driving to a sales meeting and he would repeat those affirmations over and over and he would do it with every intensity that he could conjure up because he really knew that if he could put that much emotion in it, then his subconscious mind would start to believe what his conscious mind was saying and ultimately the process would just take over by itself. Now, he still does those affirmations before he ever walks on a stage or before he ever talks into a microphone, he gets himself up to that state. But he’s learned this lesson very, very well and taught it to thousands of people. But I still don’t think we get it. I sat under that teaching. I sat under that teaching when I was 39/40 years old. And I didn’t hear it. My ears weren’t ready for it yet.

So to my dear friend who’s half way around the world, yet so close, as close as hitting the send button and about 12 seconds later I have his email, I would say to you the one thing that I would start to focus on is that you have a choice in everything, it’s inside of you. You are free to choose your conscious thoughts. Now, before you agree with me too quickly I want you to think, are you really free? Are you really free to choose or are you wrapped up in pleasing other people? Do you have obligations and responsibilities? Do you feel like life has dug you a hole and you’re trapped? If you’re feeling like that, I would just encourage you to try on that maybe, just maybe you’re not. Now, if the program is deep like mine was or like his is, it may take you a while to get out because it took a while to program it. This stuff didn’t happen overnight. See we have the adult context. Keep in mind, as a child it took years. It took most of your early formative years to get to where you are. It’s going to take some time to unwind that. But it won’t take near as much time and it all comes down to choice, I choose.

Remember the last podcast, I am, probably the greatest two words in language, I am. And you get to fill in your own blank. Now, here’s the problem with that. Here’s the whole problem. I’m about to throw out everything I just said, because you look around you. And it’s not the way that things are, you can say, “Well, I’m a millionaire.” And you might not be able to rub two nickels together. And so you say, “Yeah, right, I can do this all day long and it just aint going to happen. Might work for you but it didn’t work for me,” see that’s the bridge keeper, that’s that other side, a voice that says, “No, no, no.” And it takes you back to the conversation of your programming. And let me tell you it is always there to pull you back. I got slammed by this, this week from my coach. And my coach is so good at catching me in those, taking me back to that when that bridge keeper starts to take over and dominate the conversation. Man, I get nailed on it like that. And it’s always right around the corner any time.

And so the work we do is to reprogram that. And that’s why I love that analogy. Where I first saw it, it was from Dr. Sean Sullivan. But it’s a great visual image, a great picture that between us where we are now, there’s a chasm, and that’s the life that we’re living, that water, it’s a watery chasm. And over there is the life that we want. And there’s a bridge that goes from where we are over to where we want to be, but on that bridge is a bridge keeper. The only thing that’s missing from that analogy is the bridge keeper actually has a steering wheel. He has a motor and a steering wheel. There has to be some way to it. Maybe it’s a tugboat. Maybe he’s a tugboat captain, I don’t know. I don’t know what the right way to do it, but he has a steering wheel and he has an ability to drive. We’ll call him or her the bridge keeper for now. But the point is there is fulfillment. What that bridge keeper is telling you is the programmed direction that your life is going to unfold. So we can have a dialogue with that voice.

When I first realized that, it was a game changer for me because I was able to actually interact with that dialogue, and respect it for what it is. That was the other thing is, thank the bridge keeper. Don’t resist the bridge keeper. I’d like to invite my friend not to do that in your situation, don’t resist what that voice is telling you. It’s programmed. It’s a part of your whole being. So acknowledge it for being there. That’s a part of you, that’s a part of your life that programmed that voice so don’t resist it, and don’t think it bad, just acknowledge it, and thank it for looking out for your wellbeing because it’s doing its very best to keep you safe in its own little way, based on what and how it has been programmed to do. So thank that bridge keeper for his voice because one day he’s really going to be your friend, you and he, conscious you and subconscious he are going to be in complete alignment and you’re going to be moving exactly the way that you want to go.

Right now we just have to get through the reprogramming. So thank the bridge keeper and consciously thanks, say, “Thank you for having my best interest at heart, I really appreciate the perspective that you’re coming from. Because that’s the kind of life that we’ve lived together, those are the experiences that we’ve shared. Those are the voices that have been in my head and the people that influenced my life, so thank you for taking all of that and putting it together in a package that as best you could, you are keeping us safe and you’re moving us in that direction. But the only thing is bridge keeper, the only thing is, that I’ve been thinking about it a little bit and I want to go in a different direction. So I want you to just go with me bridge keeper, I know, I know, everything about our past, everything about what you are saying is exactly opposite of what I’m telling you here. But what I want to do is I just want you to go with me on this one. I want you to agree on this one time, let’s go make this happen and then we’ll come back and talk about it, how about that.”

So get the bridge keeper aligned with you and just do a little trial and what you’ll find is for that moment, right there, that little section of your life, whatever it is that you’re going to go out and experiment with, maybe it’s finding a parking place, you know, that’s kind of a typical one where you think about okay, I’m going to … let’s say you’re going to go to the mall and you want to manifest a front row right up there by the store that you’re going to go in, parking place. And your subconscious mind could be all about, no, you never get a parking place and even if you do that somebody’s going to hit your door so you don’t want to park there. You’ve got to park way far away and walk in the rain. So you just dialogue with that, yeah, thank you for that, I appreciate you wanting to keep my doors safe on the car because yeah, we want to keep them, and got a nice car and want to keep it in good shape, right. So thank you for that, and that I need exercise, you know, walking a little extra way in the parking lot, isn’t bad for either one of us. But just this time, just this time, so that we try something new and get a new experience together, I want you to do is go with me on this. Let’s go to the mall and let’s find a front row parking place, will you buy into that, just this one time – just this one time I’m going to ask you to go with me on it, agree with me and let’s … when we go to the mall, and you provide me a front row parking place and then we’ll get back together and talk about it.

Now, what happens if you go the mall and you don’t get a front row parking place? I know where you’re going in your head. I can read your thoughts. No, it’s because it happened to me this week. I was trying a little experiment, a manifesting experiment and guess what, it didn’t happen, at least not in that timeframe, I’m still not out of the woods on, it might happen but it didn’t happen in this particular given timeframe. And so I went back to the universe and you know what the lesson was, I wasn’t in alignment. There was fear and doubt inside my request. So don’t go looking for that front row parking place unless you are completely 100% in alignment internally in every direction, that there’s no fear, no doubt that you’re going to go get that parking place. You know we’ve covered some great stuff here so far, but this is a really, really, really key thing that you have to lock onto. And that is that you have to guard every single thought that comes into your mind. Do you see why and how? But we don’t do that, we let negativity permeate us, and we let it take over and we let the fear and doubts have a hold, and when we do, all we’re doing is programming our subconscious mind, because I’ll tell you, naturally fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, all of those negative emotions have a stronger energy.

Bob Procter in the Science of Getting Rich said, “If you put a positive out you’ll get a positive back, but it might take a while. But if you put a negative out you’ll get a negative right back.” Negative energy has a greater intensity, especially in our culture, in our society magnifies it, even in Proverbs it says, ‘guard your heart above all else for from it is the wellspring of life’, is one of the Bible translations of that verse. That’s some of the best advice you could ever take to heart, guard your heart, guard every thought, guard every emotion because all of that is programming your future right now. What kind of people are you going to allow in your life? What kind of voices are you going to let speak thoughts into your mind? What kind of influences are you going to allow to influence you? That bridge keeper stores every single thing that has ever happened in your entire life and draws conclusions from it, and is programmed by those experiences, and what you tell it from your conscious mind. But most of us don’t program our subconscious consciously. That’s what I’m talking about being asleep and so we wander through life and let life unfold. Well meanwhile that bridge keeper is doing his job every single minute of every single day, capturing everything, taking the strongest of the emotions and sending your life off in that direction without you even knowing it.

Now, the other point that I’d like to make in response to this letter is the concept of release. I read between the lines here, a struggle. I see that he’s doing the work, he’s gathering the material, he’s searching the web, he’s reading books, he’s finding podcasts and websites and he’s getting the resources. But it’s almost like there’s just a reading between the lines of pushing too hard, wanting it too much. This is why I loved Jeannette’s little e-book because she talks about formulating it and then letting it go and not holding on too tight, because especially for those of us with stronger personalities, you know, the type A personality, no, we like to make things happen and we want stuff to happen in our life now and we’re going to grab hold. You know, we formulate a plan, we’re going to go hammer it down to the ground until we get that thing done. Well, that’s not how creating works. Creating is you put your intention out and then you step back and you let the universe do the rest. So it seems like the harder you try the farther away it gets from you. Don’t meddle, don’t control, don’t try to figure it all out, throw it away, go do something else.

My coach watched me through the process of the restoration with my kids and saw the intention set because that was in some of our earliest conversations. The coach would say, “You see, you set the intention and then you got busy on something else and the kids came and found you, you didn’t have to do anything.” And that’s exactly how it happened, it literally snuck up on me. So let it be, John Lennon one of the great philosophers of life, just let it be. So when we think about reprogramming a difficult past, number one – choose to reprogram. Number two – clearly define what you want your life to look like. Don’t consider any barrier or any obstacle or any holdback, just define what you want and then realize that every thought, every emotion, every experience, every person in your life is programming your future right now. Be very selective and careful who and what you allow in, guard your heart. And then choose, you choose daily who you’re going to be. Are you going to choose like Tony Robbins to fire yourself up and do everything at your disposal to get to the point where you’re living the life that you want to live or are you going to watch some TV, are you going to hang out, are you going to do something healthy for your body tonight or are you going to hurt your body tonight? I mean, you know, you kind of laugh at that, but think about it.

I mean we consciously say, “I’m going to make a decision to go to an environment tonight that probably is not the most impactive environment and the direction of where I want my life to go. And I’m going to go hang out with people that probably will not get me there. In fact might take me the other direction. And I’m going to go expose myself to toxic materials and chemicals in the air and I’m going to put substances in my body that probably will have even a greater negative impact in the morning. And yeah, I might enjoy the process of it so much that I’ll just do it way over to excess. Of course we don’t say that, we don’t think that when we’re getting dressed and getting ready to go out on a Saturday night with our friends. But you know, I’ve heard conversations and you have too and maybe yours is one of them, of a lot of people who just can’t wait for Friday afternoon because they’re going to by God, go get drunk. It’s been a tough week and unconsciously that’s what you’re saying. It’s kind of a funny illustration but you get where I’m going with this, be real careful what you choose, every choice you make, every fork in the road. I could go … literally I could go ride my bike tonight or I could go out and do all of that that we just discussed. And so it’s that constant choice, what am I doing right now, what am I choosing to do right now? How is that going to affect my future? I have made substantial changes in my life of how I spend my time and what I choose to allow to influence me.

Step five, release, release, release, get rid of those yeah but conversations. Yeah but, no, create, go live your life – create, go live your life, step into that future. Don’t look at where you are today, don’t analyze, that’s a yeah but. I want to be a millionaire one day. Yeah, but you can’t pay the bills. Don’t look at where you are today, create the future that you want. When Tony Robbins was driving around in an old beat up Volkswagen going to sell gym room seminars, he didn’t say, “Yeah, but you’re no success like he is.” No, he said, “I want to be like that and even bigger one day.” I want to be the captain of my ship. I want to control the destiny of my life. I want to create my own company. And I’m going to do everything it takes to get me to that point.” Release the yeah buts, and release any belief that doesn’t serve you to get you to where you want to go. And then finally, consistently feed your programming with what you do want. Talk to your bridge keeper. Let your bridge keeper dialogue with you, respect your bridge keeper. And then you tell your bridge keeper, “Let’s just go try it this way this time.” Get an agreement and then move forward without the conflict, just try it on, because remember, the more emotion you can put into it, the faster the program is going to change.

Thank you for your letter, I hope this helps and I would appreciate any feedback from any of you, hit the vote buttons on iTunes there and the comment boxes on the website at or you can email me at Thanks for sticking with us on this one. We’ll see you on number 16 soon.