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Podcast 53 – Fred Dodson – LOE

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Almost catching up with my age, but my age is creeping away, I have an October birthday, so yeah, it’s not fun anymore. Welcome back, Thomas Miller here. I have a great show for you this time, Fred Dodson is back. We have completed the audio book, Levels of Energy; it is now available on audible. You can also buy it through as well. And upon completing the book, as he has done the other two times with Reality Creation Technique and Parallel Universes of Self, Fred graciously agreed to spend a few minutes with us and talk about the endeavor. Now, I have to tell you, in my own journey, each one of these books came at just the right phase and stage when I was at that point and needed that book. But I think that the greatest change and maybe it was because I’m just farther along on the process, but I think the greatest change came through, not after, but during the reading of Levels of Energy. And you’re going to hear a story in this segment that still kind of sends chills down my spine when I even think about it, because I averted what could have been a catastrophic accident, exactly from the material that Fred talks about in this book and taking my energy level to a higher degree where I simply avoided the accident. And he talks about that in the book.

And something else happened while I was working my way to the higher levels of energy is that I realized that in some of these podcasts there were some comments that came from my journey from a lower level of energy up to a higher level of energy. And yet the level in which those comments were made, the energy in which those comments were generated was not what I wanted to have longstanding and stamped for memorial. So I’ve gone back to the beginning of the podcasts and I’ve started listening through all of the old material and I’m editing out those low energy areas. So you’re getting some revised material, it will all be back in place fairly soon and we’ll be back on track with that. But I just didn’t feel good about where some of the comments that were in those older podcasts. So we’re revising it, just making sure that everything is as it should be. The other big thing that transformed in my life is I was able to lay down, I mean like a completely different relationship with my mind, with my ego self, with my [00:02:44], if you will. And again I talk about this with Fred in the interview about making an agreement with my mind to live by intuition and to let my higher self drive. And I have to tell you that since that’s taken place, life for me has just completely totally transformed. And it is amazing.

So we’re going to unpack that in future podcasts of how to do that and what that’s like. But the starting place and the place that I would point you to is the audio book or the book, Levels of Energy, it had a huge profound impact on this soul’s journey. So without further ado, let’s go back now again to author, speaker, teacher, coach, Fred Dodson. Well, Fred, it does seem like we were just doing this a little while ago, welcome back to the Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast.

Thank you, Thomas, I’m glad to be here.

We’ve completed now a trilogy. We have Reality Creation Technique book and audio book, Parallel Universes of Self book and audio book and now Levels of Energy book and audio book. And I’ve got to say, I know you told me early on that Parallel Universes of Self was your bestseller but that you liked Levels of Energy best as the author.

And what is your take on that?

I would agree with you now that I’ve been through it. You know, the thing about doing these books as you could imagine from my perspective, of course you generated this material but to narrate it as though I were as being as much as I could your voice as possible as I can be in my flesh. You really end up absorbing this material to a great degree, so it sinks in a lot more doing an audio book than it would if you just read it for example.

It sure does, as I tell people, you tend to remember what … I used to teach languages and I used to tell people, “You tend to remember what you say more than what you hear.”

Yeah. Yeah, good point. So I’ve had a deep dive into your material and it has, as you know, it’s completely changed my own life. So let’s jump in and tell people what the concept of Levels of Energy is, what’s this book about?

Well, you tell me.

I know.

You tell me, you’re closer to it anyway. I wrote the book in 2009 and you spoke it in 2014. So why don’t you give me a short synopsis of what the book is about?

We’ll just turn this interview around and you can interview me, how about that? Levels of Energy from my perspective breaks down three primary areas of consciousness, conscious living. And these are reflected by emotions and behaviors that scale these on a scale that you chose, it’s an arbitrary number, but zero to 1,000 as you mentioned, there’s nothing magical about 1,000, this could easily be adapted to a one to ten scale or a zero to 100 scale, but you chose to put it from zero to 1,000 with the…

I see.

I’m telling you about this. Oh, it’s all coming back now, yeah. Love it. So zero to 200, I’m cracking up here. I have to get a laugh out, alright, so…

Yeah, so zero to 200, okay, it’s three levels that we know in life, we know negative, positive and neutral. And most people only know of black and white, bad and good. But this is a little more spectral, a little more subtle. So it’s not only bad and good. It’s many different levels of bad, many different levels of good, many different levels of neutral and it’s a kind of a broader view of life. So the analogy I like to give is that 23 degrees, say 23 degrees Fahrenheit, whether that’s good or bad depends upon what you’re doing. So if you’re seeking to freeze meat then 23 degrees Fahrenheit is good. If you’re seeking to go swimming it’s bad. If you’re seeking to go swimming then 85 Fahrenheit is good. But if you’re seeking to freeze meat, it’s bad you see. So that’s one aspect of it. And the other is that it’s more nuanced than just good and bad. It shows you many, many levels of good and bad.

Indeed it does. You spend a lot more time on the lower and mid levels.

Yeah, because they’re more common on earth.

And I don’t want to personalize this interview, but I have to just inject that it really took me back through my own life in that I know that I spent more time in those first four decades in the lower levels.

But that’s it for most people actually, yeah.

There were times that I had to stop and just wipe the tears.

Good. Good, because most people have that experience that read the book, because we are … this planet is around that level, you know, it’s not … in case you haven’t noticed, it’s not all that high.

Yeah, exactly. Let’s break the…

Have you noticed?

Yeah, exactly, and boy, did it ever become clear as I was reading through and got up into the 200s. So just to break this down, the low levels of energy, let’s say 200 and below and it starts with level 30, guilt, shame, humiliation etc and it goes up to level 190 of pride, superiority, arrogance. And those are the lower levels. Then we get into level 200 and I like the way you describe that of boredom and just routine. It’s kind of like the waitress who throws the menu down at you and says, “You want your coffee black.” You know, it’s just, yeah, que sera sera, right, life goes on. And that starts the mid levels of 200 which goes up to level 450. And then the higher levels, 475 which begins joy, creativity, and then you get into beauty and power and intuition etc, and then the level of 530 which is pure love and then of course it goes on up the scale. And as you say, most humans will not surpass the 500s.

Yeah, that’s true, too bad. But nor do they have to necessarily you know it’s in just one lifetime. So I say to people, “If you die at around 500 that’s enough.”

You did good, you climbed the scale. So that brings up a question, are we born into an energy state?

Yeah. First of all we’re born into this planet which is a mix of high and low. It’s like a mix of heaven and hell. It’s a perfect mix. And we’re here to choose to go either further down or further up.

You should change that laugh.

Yeah, it’s a comedy you know, it’s so funny, you’re seen from … not seen from the lower perspectives but seen from a certain perspective, it is funny. It is funny. So your question is probably also, are we born with a certain level, is that the question?


Well, I used to think we’re born with a blank slate. I thought that throughout my whole 20s. I even taught that, but I’ve been starting to wonder.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Yeah. I’ve been starting to wonder. I guess there’s an aspect, a part of us that is born with a blank slate. But then there also seems to be, you know, if you talk to children, little children, they already have pretty much a certain attitude, you know, they come here with an attitude.

Don’t they so, we all do, right. But I could go back and again not to personalize this too much, but just I could really see how I was born into a level of energy of fear. And not only that, I was born into a home that had a lot of level 100 fear in it.

Me too in fact, yeah, me too, so we are born into certain energy fields and in certain states, yes. That answers the question. I recall being born into fear, yes.

That had a chokehold on me, and of course the thing is, is you know, when you’re three years old and four you really need this material, you don’t have it. See we should do a children’s book next I guess. We could narrate it with little voices like, hi, do things like that.

Well, that’s the thing, when you most need it, you don’t get it, that’s the whole comedy. You see, that’s … what you most need you don’t attract. You only start attracting these things as your consciousness goes up. So that’s the paradox, you know. I know a lot of people who would need this material and the people who don’t need it, they love it, you know.

And I guess that paradox could work backwards too. You could be born into a real high energy level and then life unfolds and you could find yourself in a lower level. You’ve cited that, several examples of that in the book in fact.

Sure, in fact having a bad childhood is no guarantee that it’s going to stay bad. And having a good childhood is no guarantee that it’s going to stay good. I know a lot of, you know, people from good homes that aren’t doing well, so.

Well, and you mentioned several examples in the book as well of people who achieved high levels of energy and then lost that level for a much lower level as adults.

Fallen angels, yeah.

Yeah. So what is the process of scaling up? So if somebody finds themself in a lower level, so they look around and they realize that their predominant emotions might be fear or worry, needy, compulsive, unfulfilled desires, anger, pride, criticism?

Yeah. So the whole purpose of the scale, the actual purpose of the book is to look at where you are in the scale and then take just one level higher, just one, because people try to jump from you know, from depression, that which is the level apathy, 80, then they try to jump from depression to ecstasy, that doesn’t work. It’s like trying to jump on a train that’s going too fast. So you jump on a slower train. And that’s how you progress up the scale. You jump on a train that is not too quick for you, that you can handle. So you identify where you are and you take one or two levels higher. So let’s take the level anger for example and that’s the example I always give, anger, whether it’s good or bad depends upon where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from fear, anger is great. And if you’re coming from … because fear is two levels lower, right. And if you’re coming from any state higher then anger is not so good. So you have to see where you are, what you feel, you know, in order to be able to use the scale. And unfortunately the lower you are the more difficult it is to feel where you are.

Yeah, very true. And a lot of times you’re numbed up so you don’t know anyway.

Right, you’re wound up and you’re preoccupied. But that’s how to use the book. That’s why I give very detailed descriptions of each level so that you can identify what your range is. You know you have a range, you’re never only at one level, you have a range where you go from up and down, up and down, but that up and down never goes beyond a certain top level and below a certain bottom level.

What is the relationship between energy as energy and these behaviors or these emotions that are expressed on the scale?

In my way of using the word ‘energy’ there is no difference between energy and emotion. Neither is there a difference between energy and an object. So in my vocabulary everything is energy, whether you say something, whether I speak a word, that’s energy. My desk is a type of energy. An emotion is a type of energy. So what the book does is it tries to correspond certain frequencies with each other, which means that a certain emotional attitude, a certain level of attitude would correspond to certain behaviors, correspond to certain … a way to dress, correspond to a way of living, a lifestyle, would correspond to everything else. So everything corresponds to everything else is the message here I guess.

Excellent. And you say that we have in essence all of the levels of energy, all of these layers in us and so then our journey if you will, of consciousness, is to choose which layer or level we’re going to live our life in, correct?

Yeah, it’s about choice. We have it all in us, and it’s about choice.

I can tell you, folks listening, that reading through this material and as I progressed from the lower levels and then found where I was in the kind of the upper end of the mid levels and then started to read the chapters of the higher levels of energy, so 475 of joy and creativity, and then the book goes into 505, of beauty, creativity, imagination and then on up to 530 of love, intuition, appreciation and on up and talks about unconditional love. I emailed Fred right after I’d read those higher 500 chapters, so this is like the ultimate, if you just can experience that and verbally and through the words in the book, you do experience that.

And I was … I had just finished a recording session early in the morning and I had to get in my car and drive up the road and go to an appointment. And I was buzzing with this 500s energy that I had just finished reading about in the book. And Fred mentions that if you’re in that level of energy that you will not attract the lower forms, you’ll actually keep them away from you. And what happened on the road up to this appointment was the lady in the car right in front of me tried to merge her vehicle to the right, she overcompensated, the vehicle did a 180, it hit a concrete [00:18:52] twice, she was injured but was okay, she was alive. But I was the next vehicle in line and had she clipped that car to the right there is absolutely no way that I would have not been involved and it would have been a very serious multi car pileup. And I just in the process of that was shaking realizing that everything in this book had just unfolded right there in front of my eyes.

Wow! Wow! Well, I did try to get that effect. I tried to be in the state while writing the chapter and tried to, you know, the intention was that people who read through it get into that state a little bit too, well, while reading. So that’s what happened, I’d agree with that you know, good for you.

Well, thank you because you saved me a really, really bad accident. And I’ll tell you, that is for sure.

There is one thing I can say, I’m going to rewrite the book some day and when I rewrite it I’m not going go that specific with the numbers. So it’s going to be hundreds, two hundreds, three hundreds, four hundreds, it’s going to be more general. I’ve noticed that through the feedback I’ve received from people on the book, you know, who go to me, “Okay, so this object is 475, what if I take this object at 476?” And I’m like, “Oh, that’s way too much thinking is that.”

Exactly. Okay, now there’s a good point and that’s what happens in the upper levels is you stop thinking and you start using your intuition. And that’s how you go into higher consciousness, is that a pretty good summation of that?

Yes, yes. I teach the levels, so that you get a vague … well, not a vague, you get a rough idea of the vicinity you’re in, you know, am I in the negative realms or the neutral ones or the positive ones? And there’s less thinking involved. So that’s going to be the rewrite. And then if you want you can do a re-speak.

Alright, put me down, we’ll do it. I’ve got a nice new studio being built upstairs and I can go up there and just hibernate and nobody will know I’m in there. And it’s completely soundproof so that will work great, we can do it.

Oh, great. Great, okay.

Now, in level 475 to 505 you used the concept of floating down a river and this is the same analogy I believe that was used in Reality Creation Technique. However, I think I did a better job of reading it in Levels of Energy than we did in Reality Creation Technique. So people have to get both. But I think the second time through of following that analogy of letting go and letting go of the conscious mind driving everything, because you use the analogy of a boat going down the river. And you have that oar in hand and you can either choose to paddle – paddle like hell, paddle upstream, you can jump over to another stream and drag your boat out of the river that you’re in or you can just let life move you along and gently bump you along. And I’ve been living that a lot more since I did the book.

Okay, great.

Don’t we hold onto the oar too tightly?

Yeah, we do, we do. But the purpose of the analogy is to do exactly that, to have you consider it and in that moment you let go, you know, because you remember the oars and you just let go. Yes, we hold on too much. However, the thing is, if you’re in the 200s, you know, or 100s I’d advise holding onto them. But as you progress and as you go up to the 400s, 500s, you don’t need them anymore because you’re guided. You’re guided by the universe itself.

And that’s when the fun begins. Do you have an example of something that happened in your life where you let intuition guide instead of controlling it from your head?

Do I have one example?

I know you have many, do you have one? Buy the book.

Oh, my. Yeah. Well, my whole life is governed by intuition, my whole life.

You learned that early on, didn’t you?

No, I just got there gradually. I was always this way. In my late 30s it started to get better.

Well, that’s interesting. I don’t feel so bad now then. My God, where was this all my life, you know. Because it is, it’s so much more refreshing, it just makes life fun.

You know what helps, when you have a lot of money on your bank account, that helps. Because when that happens, you naturally let go of the oars, you know, you start following what you really, really like. So it’s not such a bad idea to have a lot of money, unless of course you get stuck on that, on the money topic and you, you know, you go for more and more and more money and more money, you know. You get a certain amount which allows you to more easily follow your bliss and go by intuition and only do what you intuitively feel is good for yourself and the greater whole. So ever since my bank account looks good, to be quite honest, ever since my bank account is stable I live fully by intuition.

Yeah. Wow, that’s great.

But there’s the truth.

And if people are … I know there are people asking right now, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, how can I get to that point?” Ah, glad you asked, Reality Creation Technique and Parallel Universes of Self, so get those and that will help you create because you, I think you used basically the technologies in those two books to create your financial independence.

Exactly, yes.

Why are we not as tuned in to our higher self? And I’m thinking of things like distractions, I mean it’s, you know, in society today, it’s just hard to get quiet and to meditate and to be still and to turn the mind off.

Yeah, especially in this media world which is a great reflection of the mind actually, just keeps going and going and going and going you know, Twitter and Facebook and news, eight o’clock news. But the mind in macro, but the mind in oversize, as you switch off those things it gets easier, which is why I do spend days without internet, you know. I do deliberately spend days without internet. And I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s not good to be in front of a screen all the time. Paradoxically I make my money with stuff on the internet but I, you know, I speak out against it.

You know, any time you go on a vacation and you set your cell phone and your laptop aside. I think you’ve got the point, right, it is so much more freeing not to be tied to that thing. And yet our lives revolve around it.

Sure. It puts you straight into the mind because you’re not actually sitting there perceiving the moment, you’re not perceiving other people. You’re not looking them in the eyes. And something gets lost with that. And I’m not going to demonize the internet or my computer, I love them. But I’m not too happy with the development. I don’t know what, you know what … I want to see where it’s going in a 100 and 200 years, you know.

Well, I can just say to you and to everybody listening that this book radically changed the way that I’m looking at myself, thinking through my head, using far more intuition and actually the application that I did kind of as I was in those middle and upper chapters, as I was reading through was … started to make an agreement if you will, with my conscious self, my mind, my ego. And just to say, you know, look, we’ve just been reading through all these lower levels and you’ve been living so much of your life in those lower levels because of being in the head all the time. And I made an agreement and said, “Let’s just turn this over to the higher self and let’s let it drive.” Would you agree to that?

Yes, just turn it over.

And periodically I have to kind of jerk my chin back around and reestablish that agreement. But it’s getting easier and easier and easier to do. And now I’m … I feel very much like the person in the boat that you described, just floating down the river with an occasional…

Yeah, and an occasional clunk, that’s how my process started too. I just decided to keep letting go, you know, you let go of your thoughts, you breathe with them and on the out breath you just let them go and you keep on going and keep on going and it gets more and more silent and more and more stable, confident, at ease. And that’s where I am today. And it gets deeper and deeper. So that’s the good thing. This silence gets deeper and deeper.

There are a number of ways that this can also be applied externally, I’m thinking of relationships and the family with kids, as parents, school, business, mediation, international affairs. There are just a number of ways that as you say, once you learn the scale and learn how to use the scale then you can apply it in your everyday life.

It can be applied to anything. Once you get a general idea, you don’t even have to know it in detail. Once you get a general idea of the emotions you can handle and approach anything at any time.

Truly an amazing tool and a way to increase your consciousness, Fred, I can’t thank you enough for writing this book.

You’re welcome.

Now, I don’t know if we can record everything that you’ve written, but the question then would be, we’ll have to find something else of yours that we can put on audio, because these things have been doing very well. And I know when people buy the book and the audio book and you use them together as a tool, you will retain 75% more of the information than you would get from either of the medium by themselves.

I agree with that and I do it myself sometimes. I buy the print book and the audio book and I do them both.

Now then, one thing that we should tell people too is the audio book is laid out as we’ve been talking about these different levels of energy, like for example, 101, 121, 60 or 400, 450, 475 etc. Each section is one of those areas of energy. So if you had the book and you had the audio book and you wanted to just drill down and if you were focusing on, okay, what is 320 like, I want to go back and read and listen to 320 again, you don’t have to muddle through everything, you can go right to that level and hit play and there it is, just that section. So we’ve made it real easy for you to do that.

And thanks to Thomas Miller for that, great, good job.

Alright, Fred, thank you again for your time, I appreciate it.

Alright, it was great, Thomas, thank you and have a nice day.

If you’d like to pick up your copy of Levels of Energy go to If you’re interested in the book go to if you would like the audio book. And I’ve got to say, you’ll listen to the sample, the narrator of that audio book is fantastic. Thank you for listening to Subconscious Mind Mastery.  Until next time, enjoy the journey.