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So how much money are you worth anyway? But then I realized, it dawned on me this is not about a money conversation. This is really about expanding your thinking to take on something that seems so big, so outrageous, so impossible, that you can’t even see it, physically or in your mind’s eye. Hi, my name’s Thomas Miller and I really hope that the next few minutes is going to help you tremendously expand your thinking about any area of your life, money or anything else. Now, if you go back to podcast number 7 on the website,, I talked in there about listening to your subconscious mind various times of the day when you get in tune with your subconscious mind, it could be any time of the day. But one of my favorites is in the shower. But I’ve had a problem because a lot of the time, unless it’s one of those just really, you know, where it smacks you and hits you, I lose the thought before I get to a point where I can capture it. So I said, “Man, this has got to stop, I’ve got to figure out some way to capture these thoughts that are these amazing things that are coming to me. I want to be able to remember them for exactly what showed up in that moment.” So I got one of those dry erase marker pens that you use on a whiteboard. And I keep it nearby in the shower where I can grab it and that way if something shows up I can write it down.

Well, I was having this conversation with myself this past week and something happened. And not only in the thought of capturing it, but what took place in the writing down of it is the magic of what this podcast is about. You have to see the visual. So please go to the website and look at the post that’s right below this podcast. This is podcast number 9, go to the post that’s right there before it because this is a tandem. Usually I try to put posts up that are just standalones. But this one had to have some audio explanation with it as well. And on the post you’ll see the picture of exactly what I’m talking about. Now, sometimes these dialogues with your subconscious will be where your subconscious mind almost overtakes your conscious mind with a thought or an instinct, a prompt, call it intuition, and it’s very clear. Sometimes it will be a two way dialogue back and forth, you’ll ask your subconscious mind/the universe a question and you’ll start a dialogue internally and you’ll hear your internal voice answering you. And then sometimes it might be like what I was doing here where you’re just working through something and it almost progresses out. And then at the end of the process is when I look back up at the tile in the shower and I realized, oh my God, look at what this is showing me. And that’s just as much a revelation of your subconscious mind as any of those.

Alright, here’s what happened. I was mulling over the question in my mind, Thomas, how much are you worth? How much should your annual compensation be or really from the standpoint of how much could my annual compensation be? I love that Bob Procter talks about take your annual income and turn it into your monthly income. Now, I have to step aside in this conversation and frame this up for you, because right now at 53 years old I am making more money than I’ve ever made in my life and that’s because I’ve been implementing these things that we’re talking about on this website. It’s been a growth process, it didn’t happen overnight. This isn’t some flash pan get rich quick scheme conversation, forget about that. And notice that there’s nothing for sale here. I’m not drawing you into some magical lifestyle of living on the beach off of your laptop and making millions of dollars, that’s not what I’m promoting. I’m promoting whatever’s right for you, whatever your internal guidance leads you to. But I went from flat broke five years ago to making more money than I’ve ever made in my life and I’m quite content with where I am and I’m grateful for where I am. That’s the point that I want to make here. And I’m going to have a podcast coming up. It’s in development right now. And I’m working on the material. But I will talk about how you can’t move forward until you’re grateful for where you are right now. And I’m very grateful for where I am.

And I added up the other day and realized, oh my gosh, look at where all this money coming from. And I’m very thankful to the universe for taking me from where I was because I frequently will go back and look at five years ago. And I remember when I couldn’t rub two nickels together. I wanted to fly up to Canada to visit my best friend from high school and I couldn’t afford to buy the plane ticket. So I remember those days vividly. And I’m very grateful to the universe. But the other thing is, we naturally want to grow, we want to stretch. And so from that standpoint of growth and stretch from where I am now, I want to expand. And that’s the natural process of how the universe works. A great illustration of this is to go to some field nearby where you grew up and you remember how the trees were when you were a kid and you remember how the shrubbery was. And you look at it 20 years later and you realize, man, those trees were sure not that tall back when I was growing up. That’s the universe. The universe expands, it grows. There is a natural process of growth that you see in nature. If you just leave nature alone for an extended period of time it will always grow. We were created to grow.

So I was looking at some growth income numbers, just pondering this up on the shower and a couple of things significant – really significant hit me. I was listing various numbers and I started below where my current annual income was, because I wanted to get that internal feeling about how I felt at that number. So my particular starting place number was $75,000 a year, I’d ask myself am I worth $75,000 a year? Well, I’m making more than that. So I was okay with that number. Yours might be different, you might start at 20,000 or 25,000 or you might start at 250,000 and that’s below where you are. Wherever that is I would suggest starting a little bit below because you want to capture where that initial comfort feeling is, I’m okay with this number. And get that feeling, know how that feels. And then I started to increase the number to 150, realize how that feels. Am I worth making $150,000 a year? And then I started to add on, what about 250? And I got the feeling, am I worth $250,000 a year? Yeah, now the muscles are starting to stretch. Okay, what about $500,000 a year of income, could I look out there and see myself worthy of and making $500,000 a year? What about $750,000? Let’s double that number, a million and a half? What about two and a half million? Double that, five million dollars a year of annual income, could I see myself making five million dollars a year?

Now, I have to tell you that even though I’m not at that level, I could look out there in my future and yes, I could see the universe mobilizing to support me and with the talents and abilities that God has naturally gifted me to as long as I keep pursuing various lines, yes, I could see myself making five million dollars a year. And it’s kind of funny, but that number stuck. And if you look at the photograph on the website you’ll see that that’s the last number, that’s really pretty clear with the marker pen, because I’ve had that number in my mind for quite a while. I have had a thing where I say, five and five, ten and ten, twenty and twenty. And after this exercise I’m ready to blow that thing up, believe me, because this really expanded my mind tremendously beyond that. But what I had originally formulated was that in five years I would have five million dollars of net worth – of liquid net worth, ten years, ten million dollars, twenty years, twenty million. Well now I’m ready to just explode that and you’ll see why, if you go back and look at the photograph you’ll see on the line below I started to write some other numbers. Now, these were outside the scope of what I had even envisioned in my own mind before. But remember, I’m kind of leaving off like, yeah, I could see that it could be possible to make five million dollars a year.

But then I started thinking, what about seven and a half million dollars a year or double that, what about 15 million dollars every year? Whoa! And it got harder to write on the tile because the humidity from the shower was on the wall, there was water on the tile now, mist on the tile and it’s starting to get harder to write. But I wanted to keep pushing so I went for 25 million dollars a year in annual income, and I couldn’t get it to write all the way out, but I didn’t want to stop. I had one more tile left and so I wrote 50 million dollars a year of annual income. And that was when it hit me, because I could barely get the 50 to stick on the tile. And while that seems like some astronomical impossible … I mean look, that’s more money that the news anchors make, the big network news anchors don’t make anywhere near that. Sports figures don’t make that kind of money. This is astronomical. This is beyond … this is like Oprah would make 50 million dollars a year. But I mean there are very few people, corporates, CEOs, celebrities, sports figures, I mean this is really top tier stuff, right. It seems like almost impossible. And it dawned on me that just as the tile was as foggy and hard to write on and see, so was the reality of my expanding my own vision to even think that 50 million dollars a year every year of annual income was even possible. And so the question I would ask of myself and you as well, where does your possibility start to get foggy?

Let’s go back, is it possible to make 50 million dollars a year? Absolutely, people do it. So you can’t say, “Oh that’s impossible” because people do it. Does Oprah have professional degrees like MD behind her name? No. What did she do to expand her empire to a worldwide media outreach that was one of the most phenomenal self-start stories of our century? She expanded her thinking. She saw on her bathroom tile one day that she could be a billionaire. She expanded her thinking and then kept doing what she loved doing. This was such a revelation in the smallness of my thinking. And it really caused me to sit down and think about how big could I begin to really think about my life? Now, you know, the other thing that showed up through this exercise was guilt, 50 million Thomas come on, that’s too big. Nobody should be thinking about that kind of number. Are you selfish or something? You should just be happy with a modest nice little lifestyle and be grateful for what you have. Come on, get your head out of the clouds. Be realistic. You see why that number was so foggy up there on the tile? It’s because in my mind it was equally foggy. I had to think about this for several days and finally it clicked in. You have to go to the website and go down to the bottom of the post and all I can say is a picture is worth a thousand words. And I will be happy to put my very first 50 million dollar a year tax return up on this website for you to see. My name is Thomas Miller and I am worth 50 million dollars a year. And you’re worth whatever you choose to be.  You’ve been listening to Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast 9