Exploring MONEY through Hypnosis with Hypnotherapist Jill Thomas

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This is the first time on the podcast I have talked to a hypnotherapist, and wouldn’t you know, it would be Jill THOMAS! She is based in the San Diego area and her website is linked below. Jill is an amazing communicator, a skilled hypnotherapist, loves to talk about all the things I like to, and her last name is THOMAS! How perfect for us to launch into what is going to be a multi-episode Subconscious Mind based conversation about all kinds of topics like money, relationships, past lives, stopping smoking, weight loss, how to start a practice if you have thought about becoming a hypnotherapist, and so much more!


Jill Thomas website https://soulconnecthypnotherapy.com/


Enjoy the Journey!


Can Your Soul “Split?” Majona has a great answer that will leave you thinking

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Majona has her own podcast now! It’s called Life After Life, and it is about her personal experience seeing the “other side.” It has been very well received and getting a lot of downloads already! This is one of her recent episodes where she answers a listener’s question about how “we/us” continues after we pass. What this really explores is our higher self and the reality of infinity.

This episode will get you thinking!

Majona’s “Life After Life Podcast”

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas and Majona

Energy of Events with Rosie Cutter From Destiny Card Products

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Do you have an upcoming event in your life, like a wedding, graduation, corporate event, etc.? Would you like to know the energy around that event? We’re going to use the upcoming Fred Dodson Levels of Energy Seminar in Dallas as a springboard to see how to read energies. Amazing as it is, the energy around this event is incredibly complementary to Fred’s intentions for the event.

You can use the process Rosie Cutter outlines in this episode to look at your own events. Using the combination of some easy astrology (you don’t have to be an expert) and her Destiny Card system, you can peer straight into the energy of various events. This is a POWER packed episode!


Rosie Cutter:

Info on Cards Mentioned in Podcast: http://destinycardproducts.com/the-cards/

To Schedule Readings: http://destinycardproducts.com/book-a-reading/

Fred Dodson Levels of Energy Seminar Information:http://freddodsondallas.com/

Astrology Calendar 2019 (Great Resource):https://astrologyanswers.com/astrology-calendar/july/2019/

Special Announcement – Fred Dodson is coming to Dallas July 26-27-28, 2019

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Fred Dodson is coming to Dallas this summer!

DATES: July 26-27-28, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Seminar: Levels of Energy

Register: http://freddodsondallas.com/

Location will be disclosed to seminar registrants

There is only one live event on Fred Dodson’s schedule this year, and this is it!

Fred is coming to Dallas for the Levels of Energy seminar. This will be an incredible time of high energy camaraderie, connection, learning, practicing, and just “being” in a high-energy environment with others of like-mind. In this episode, we talk to Fred briefly about the event and discuss some of the early registration bonuses, including $100 off!

Majona and I would love to meet you, see you, and spend this very special time with you this summer, so please with careful consideration, ask intuitively if this is right for you. If it is, take action. We are going to create many benefits and bonuses over the 90 days leading up to the seminar, so this is going to be a very special time and we want you to be part of it.


Enjoy The Journey!
Thomas & Majona