A Bear Story!


Have you ever asked for a sign? Every gotten what you asked for?

This was quite an afternoon. First, it’s fall in the mountains and I went for a walk on a trail that goes through Aspen along the Roaring Fork river. It’s a beautiful setting but this time of year being bear season, there were signs a big boy had been in the neighborhood. (poo on the trail!)

On this particular afternoon, I had some subconscious stuff to work through that was pent-up and built-up, so I did what I normally do at times like this and hit the trail. As I was walking, and listening to that subconscious inside voice that is so still and quiet, yet so powerful, I heard instructions to do a certain clearing process that I now have incorporated into the coaching program.

After going through the first step in the process, I realized what I was dealing with related to my mom, and it was a very dark, sticky energy that needed big-guns to clear. I called on Archangel Michael (and I believe Raphael showed up too!), I asked for Ascended Masters who were willing, and felt Divine presence of two, and Aragon, my Guardian Angel was there. I could feel each one’s presence in a unique way. I was pretty blown away, to be honest.

As I walked a few more steps, the idea to put a test out there came to mind. First, I asked for the general….”please show me some kind of sign by the end of the day.” Those NEVER work out well. The Universe wants specifics. So, I polished it up a bit. “Please show me a sign that this is real, and please make it a bear crossing my path harmlessly.”

Then, I continued with the subconscious clearing – knew that the issue was identified, cleared and replaced – and was heading back toward home with a state of ecstasy that was not normal, even on the best of hikes. It was as though a burden had been lifted. A darkness removed. Lightness replaced it.

Then, perhaps no more than 10-15 minutes later, sure enough as I was on a little side-trail right by the river, a bear popped out from behind the bushes to my left and about 20 yards ahead, stood in the path for a very brief second, then disappeared into the trees to the right.

You don’t think I was BLOWN AWAY. Should I have been, or should I have expected it. Those doubts will just have to go. Absolutely, I expected it. It wasn’t my first bear siting this season, but it certainly was the first one I specifically requested from my A-team of Archangels, Ascended Masters and my faithful Aragon.

And by the way, I’ve been on at least a half dozen hikes into the woods since then….no bears!