Conscious Parenting the Subconscious Way

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Between Majona and I are 6 kids. Four biological and one “adopted” into the family. And miraculously, all of them are great kids. While Majona’s kids and my kids grew up in totally different environments, they each are finding their own journeys. 

This is a podcast for those of you in the parenting years. While this is a vast subject worthy of many hours of exploration, this is the first podcast here where parenting is explored. 

Now-days we are becoming more aware of “Consciousness.” We hear of conscious capitalism. Conscious living. Even conscious parenting. In this episode, Majona and I talk about various intentions and ways we chose to parent, consciously or unconsciously, and some of the results. 

Perhaps we will explore this more in future episodes, but at least this is a start. 

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas & Majona