Magnetic Wealth Attraction Audiobook

“Magnetic Wealth Attraction” by Frederick Dodson 
Narrated by Thomas Miller

There are a set of Universal Laws that govern money. Follow them and money flows.
Remain unaware of them and it can be as if money is blocked at the door. 

“Magnetic Wealth Attraction” is a quick-listen audiobook that discusses these Universal Laws and teaches you how you can apply them to your own life. Remove blocks, learn what makes money flow, increase your money energy vibration, allow money to flow into your life by learning the concepts in this powerful audiobook. 

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Frederick Dodson, Author

Fred Dodson is an Internationally known author, coach and seminar leader. His other titles on money include "Prosperity Consciousness" and "Success Attracts Success"

Thomas Miller, Narrator

Thomas Miller is the voice of 14 Fred Dodson Audiobooks. He is host of "Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast," author and coach.