Podcast 109 – Meditation with Giovanni Dienstmann

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We certainly live in uncertain times. A recent New York Times article was entitled “The Prozac Nation is Now The United States of Xanax,” and discusses one person who said she has suffered from severe anxiety since she was four years old. It’s amazing what we are facing today, and the lack of skills to cope with it.

When they say this generation of youth may be the first to not outlive their parents, between that and rampant obesity, you could certainly see why. We’re stressing ourselves to death.

Giovanni Dienstmann is going to teach us about meditation in this podcast. He puts his money where his mouth is because his “Miracle  Morning” routine includes 30 minutes of yoga, then two full hours of meditation! Giovanni Dienstmann tells us how he does it, plus talks about the importance of the subconscious mind, and an interesting analysis of spirituality around the world today, particularly with the Millennial generation.

This podcast is loaded with great information on a very important and timely topic.

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Master Your Mind: An In-depth 5-Week Meditation Course