Podcast 110 – Synchronicity and Higher Power

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Have you ever experienced synchronicity? Something that lines up over and over, or those “sign posts” from the Universe that point you in a certain direction?

When I was growing up, we would drive by what they call “Burma Shaving Signs.” Those were a series of signs you’d see on the road, each sign announcing something about the business up ahead that they were pointing to.

Synchronicity is like that. Like the Burma Shaving Signs along the way of your journey to show you (from your higher self) what is up ahead, or things you should pay attention to.

In this podcast, the synchronicity is about connecting on a deeper level, a surrender level, to higher source. I stumbled across a video from David R. Hawkins, where he discusses this:

So watch for the sign-posts in your own life and follow them without questioning, doubt or fear. THAT is your Higher Self contacting you. Be grateful for the information, and step into it powerfully.

Enjoy the Journey,