Podcast 35 – Uncertainty

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If you were to pick a time in history to be alive and in the prime of life, I would certainly pick this time.  With the incredible advances in technology, so much more is possible now than any other period in the human experience.  Yet, in spite of these incredible opportunities, there is seemingly an off-setting air of change.  Things move faster these days.  Look around, and you see change everywhere.  That leaves us, often, with a greater uncertainty about the future than we may have experienced in previous decades.

Tony Robbins has long taught that we have 6 basic human needs, and one of them is Certainty.  Ironically, the second of his six is that we need uncertainty.  As in, variety.  But sometimes uncertainty leads to worry, doubt, fear.  It can throw us off our game, and take our eye off our goal.  Dealing with Uncertainty.  Here are several points that will help.


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