Podcast 36 – Job Growth

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The Universe is alive and well and most certainly the Law of Attraction is always “On”!  I received some very timely and appreciated emails from some of you this week that were timely, encouraging, and exactly along the same line of where I have been recently.  Like attracting Like, for certain.  There was a common theme of all these emails, and it involves job situations.  Change.  Uncertainty.  Or, clarity that we are to leave our employment and pursue something greater.

In the near future, I am going to introduce you to Arman Assadi whose website is www.whyIleftgoogle.com

He will join us in a future podcast and tell his compelling story.  And he is just as certain that he was called to leave his job (yes, at THE Google) as you or I might feel called to stay put for a while.

So in this Podcast, we go back to the roots – how do we program the Subconscious mind, because wherever you find yourself in your job situation, one thing is certain:  You create your reality, and you can create a new reality.  Let’s explore.


The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind