Podcast 10 – Meet Joan Harrison

If you go back to one of my early video posts from Bob Proctor, he offers a fantastic explanation of how our subconscious mind gets programmed early on.  So much of who we are as adults is the result of those early years.

I want to introduce you to the very first person to put a comment on this website.  Joan Harrison.  Her website is ThinkGrowLive.com, and she had a very challenging childhood – to say the least.  Her story is compelling because she studied most everything in the self help arena, and while she found a lot of great material, there was still something missing.  She’s going to tell you what that one “click” was for her that made the difference and ultimately changed her whole perspective, which then changed her whole life.

Meet Joan Harrison…


Joan Harrison’s new email:  joan@thinkagreatlife.co.uk  (Listen to Podcast 49!)