Podcast 100 – Reality Creation and Manifestation w/ Fred Dodson

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Milestone! 100 episodes of Subconscious Mind Mastery and what a better way to celebrate than with Fred Dodson and another audiobook. Why? Because…it is the very proof and essence of this podcast – a dream of mine was to do one audiobook for Fred, much less, now seven! THAT’s what this podcast is all about so of course we would celebrate with Fred and the latest Audible and iTunes audiobook – Reality Creation and Manifestation.

Also, note, toward the end Fred talks about an upcoming course he’s hosting called the Parallel Universes of Reality live course. It would be worth your while to get the details and see if you could join me in setting an intention to come be part of the live event. February 3-7, 2017 in Maui, Hawaii. Hope to see you there!

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