Podcast 103 – Palmistry, Tarot & the Subconscious with Author Cynthia Clark

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Your hands can tell you more than you have ever imagined, and up until now, known. Cynthia Clark is an author, healer and now podcaster who lives in the Aspen, Colorado area. She is also a highly skilled palmist, or one who reads the lines, size and shape of your hands and fingers, and can tell volumes about what is going on in your life – all from your hands!

Cynthia also has connected palmistry with the Major Arcana Tarot cards to tell her clients their Archetype, or the very life purpose why your soul incarnated here on planet earth. Once you know your Archetype, Cynthia says, you can align everything in your life according to that plan. How amazing is that!

Join us for a very interesting interview with Cynthia as she walks us through how all of this connects, including with/to our subconscious mind. This is a fascinating conversation!

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