Podcast 115 – Full Moon Manifesting

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This is the continuation of our podcasts on manifesting with the moon, specifically around the full moon of July 9, 2017. Don’t worry if you’re hearing this podcast long after this date – we talk about full-moon manifesting in general. However, this specific full moon has some extra strong characteristics that could add some extra “juice” this month, so if you find yourself in a state of transformation, this manifesting podcast is for you!

Learn from a listener why 4 days on either side of a full moon is especially powerful for requesting manifestations from the Universe. Also, we review the cycle of beginning creation during the new moon, completing it with the full moon, then starting our releasing list for the next 2 weeks following the full moon.

This is powerful information on how to use the energy around us to help fulfill our intentions and manifestations!

Enjoy the Journey,