Podcast 117 – New Moon Manifesting in Leo – July 17, 2017

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This is the third podcast in our 3-part series of “Manifesting With The Moon,” including Podcast 113 and Podcast 115. The new moon this month is in Leo, which adds that “Hear Me Roar” energy to this month’s intention list. Also, as you will hear in the episode, not only are the Sun AND moon sitting at 0-degrees Leo, but Mars is right next door at 1-degree Leo, meaning we can add an extra edge of Mars power, urgency, creativity and edgy-ness to the mix as well.

This has been a fun series, and especially educational for me, as you will hear. I was tested the last 2 weeks on every area of the releasing list I created under the full moon.

Powerful stuff we’re dealing with here, fellow creators and Subconscious Mind Masters, so enjoy this and incorporate Lunar Manifesting into your toolbox.

Enjoy The Journey,