Podcast 119 – How to Turn Off Racing Thoughts – Giovanni Dienstmann

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In the Subconscious Mind Mastery Coaching Program, the Number One issue clients (listeners) are asking about is Money. The #2 issue is how to turn off the ego/self chatter that dominates the mind, in order to hear the intuitive voice of Higher Self. Good question!

I wanted to turn to an expert in Meditation, our friend from Podcast 109, Giovanni Dienstmann. Giovanni meditates up to two hours every morning, so he is very in tune with silencing the ego/self.

Giovanni also has a Meditation Course, which we mention in the podcast, and you can purchase that directly by clicking here.

The tips from Giovanni and me in this podcast should certainly give you things to practice in calming the ego/self voice, then if you want to really take your practice up another notch, get the course.

I also mentioned the Audiobook by Fred Dodson, Intuition Training, which is available on Audible or iTunes or by clicking directly here.

Enjoy The Journey,