Podcast 120 – Noah Lampert, host Synchronicity Podcast and Mind Pod Network

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Have you ever thought about doing your own podcast? We’re going to shine the light today on the world of podcasting and introduce you to Noah Lampert. Remember Brandon Park on Podcast 111? Brandon and Noah are best friends, so we were mutually introduced after Brandon was on the show. Noah started the Synchronicity Podcast and also the Mind Pod Network of like-minded podcasters with similar messages, but different approaches (the beauty of podcasting!).

This is a really great interview with a lot of good energy and information from a guy who has not only built his own platform but is helping others with theirs.

Synchronicity is everywhere if you’re looking for it. I got a wonderful lesson on this from the Universe just yesterday, as I’m writing this, so let’s roll with Syncronicities and meet Noah Lampert.

Enjoy the Journey,