Podcast 123 – an “Intentional” Bear Story!

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This is a backwash of the Eureka Springs trip – still in that amazing energy – and several things “clicked” in the week after the trip. One, I found a really cool drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress, so I’ve been able to really take-off with web design in a way I’ve not been able to ever!

Answer to intention/prayer #1.

Then, on a long walk dealing with some pent-up business that just needed some time in the woods to work through, I asked for a sign…specifically that a bear cross my path on this hike.

You’ll have to listen to hear answer #2!

The verse I mention in the podcast is Proverbs 3:5-6 from the Old Testament. Here it is again, with my notes:

Trust in the All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Present-Everywere, All-Loving Infinite Energy that created the worlds we see and can’t see says to “trust in me with all your heart.” i.e. – the very essence of your life/being. TRUST! And do not lean on your own understanding (the conscious mind and it’s 70,000 thoughts per day. Don’t rely on it! “In all your ways…” i.e. – everything you do. EVERYTHING. “Acknowledge this amazing, powerful energy, and it will direct your paths.”

When we do, you will be guided right along the path that YOU are supposed to live….and on that path you really can…

Enjoy The Journey!