Podcast 128 – Seeing Through the Eyes of the Soul

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This is the annual birthday podcast and the gift I’m giving on my birthday is perhaps one of the most valuable spiritual and practical lessons that may even exist on planet earth. That’s a pretty bold statement, but this morning, on my birthday, I finished narrating “Lives of the Soul,” by Fred Dodson. This audiobook examines what happens to the soul after death, and more importantly, what happens in-between our life incarnations.

The reason I say it may be one of the most valuable lessons available to us is when you get the perspective that A) the soul continues living quite vibrantly after death and B) we carefully plan and map out our soul journey long before we are born for the specific purpose of growth into higher consciousness, it allows us to see the events of our life through an entirely different perspective.

With our eyes open to the soul’s dimension, perspective, objective, then we can make decisions on who we will be and how we will act on completely different terms.

Enjoy the Journey,