Podcast 129 – Fred Dodson “Levels of Energy” Trilogy Interview

For this and the next podcast (Podcast 130), we’re going to be talking to Fred Dodson!

There are several Fred Dodson audiobooks hitting the market this fall, and this series of Levels of Energy (Book 1 through 3) and “Lives of the Soul” really go together. When you grasp the higher consciousness journey of the soul, combined with how the scale of energy not only affects life on earth, but also the realms beyond, it becomes a very powerful set of tools to not only deploy here on the earth-school, but also as we transition back to the non-physical realm.

If you have lost a loved one recently, these two podcasts will be especially beneficial to you. You will hopefully be encouraged that our soul finds peace and serenity in the realm beyond, and we will discuss why, especially in Podcast 130.

This is incredible material that (once you really absorb and implement it) will totally change your perspective on life, the afterlife, and literally everything around you.

Enjoy the Journey,