Podcast 133 – Kirra Sherman on Intuition

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Do you believe in synchronicities? Those little appearances or “signposts” from the Universe? I LOVE when Highest Source shows up in these fun little ways. I invite them and am looking for them to show up frequently. Well, one such “synchronicity” in my life recently was meeting Kirra Sherman, who is also dedicating her life and work to helping others hear and follow intuition.

Kirra and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Jillian Livingston, who runs Aspen Real Life Blog, so if you’d like to peek in and see what’s going on around here, this is the place to find it! Anyway, Jillian knew that Kirra and I were breathing the same air when it comes to living a life guided by our higher self…by intuition.

We sat down at the Aspen Library and did an interview that will definitely enlighten you to more stories and situations on how intuition works and shows up in our lives.

Kirra’s website is here

Enjoy the Journey,